Having recently announced a number of secret projects, Bethesda Game Studios are looking for four new programmers, all of which are presumably for their next ‘bleeding-edge RPG’.

After yesterday’s rumors of Fallout 5 entering pre-production, four new positions have opened up at Bethesda Game Studios, which has only served to increase speculation over Bethesda’s next move. Looking at the Bethesda website, it appears that the studio is on the lookout for a new engine programmer, a gameplay programmer, and two graphics programmers.

Interestingly, the job descriptions for each programming position includes the phrase “pushing the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and consoles”, which suggests that Bethesda is looking to break new ground for its next title. Considering that Bethesda recently revealed that the studio is working on three “big and crazy projects“, perhaps Bethesda is looking to strengthen their development team for one or more of these “crazy projects”.

Given that Bethesda has recently announced a slew of substantial Fallout 4 DLC packs and content updates, these new hires might be to just bolster the Fallout 4 development team as the studio readies to launch the Automatron DLC expansion later this month. But after a quick look through the LinkedIn pages of a couple of Fallout 4 and Skyrim developers, it appears that Bethesda may have something else deep in production other than Fallout 4 DLC content.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim 2 Screenshots

The Linkedin page of Fallout 4 lead producer Jeff Gardiner reveals that he is currently the lead producer on an “unannounced” project, while Skyrim sound designer Dave Schreiber’s LinkedIn is currently working another “unannounced future project”. Having said that, freelance illustrator Diego de Almeida’s LinkedIn page states that he’s been on an “unannounced project” at Bethesda since November 2015, which ties in nicely with the development window of Fallout 4‘s DLC. Admittedly, these LinkedIn pages don’t reveal very much about Bethesda’s upcoming plans, but it does give gamers much to speculate about.

Having stated in December that the studio has “lots of ideas” for new games and that they “don’t plan on making small things”, Bethesda director Todd Howard followed that up recently by revealing plans to develop more mobile games. Whether those “unannounced” projects are related to a future mobile game, one of Bethesda’s “crazy projects”, that aforementioned “bleeding-edge RPG”, or a combination of all three, no one really knows at this point.

With Bethesda planning another showcase at E3 2016, the studio has a perfect platform to reveal some of their “unannounced” projects alongside the expected Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4 DLC announcements. As Bethesda plans to shorten the time between the reveal and release of new games, at least gamers have the comfort of knowing that the wait for a new game won’t be long if Bethesda does reveal something in Los Angeles in a few months time.

Source: GamesRadar