Bethesda director Todd Howard reveals that his studio is currently working on seven games, including three big titles, two ports as well as a mobile game.

Hot on the heels of news that Bethesda is hard at work on three big new titles, company director Todd Howard clarified that his studio is currently working on a total of seven new games, including a VR version of Fallout 4, a Nintendo Switch port of Skyrim as well as at least one game for mobile. This would make for a total of six, but Howard in his usual fashion was a little vague on the exact details of the titles that are to come out within the next few years.

In the interview with IGN, Howard admitted that Bethesda has “seven [projects] going,” including the three teased a few days ago. One of those would be the by now almost fabled Elder Scrolls 6, though the Bethesda director did say that we would hear of the two other big projects before the Skyrim successor was revealed. Considering that, in Howard’s own words, those two games are “bigger than anything we’ve done,” this would likely mean that hack ‘n slash fans have quite a bit of waiting ahead of them before they can once again explore a new province of Tamriel.

fallout shelter ps4

Howard was a bit more open concerning the already announced Fallout 4 VR game, saying that nothing was removed or changed while porting and that currently the team responsible is mostly working on getting the experience right for players. Besides these few remaining issues, mainly centered around moving around and interacting with the world, Howard says that the game is “pretty incredible.” The Bethesda exec would, however, not give any further information regarding a release date for the game, leaving it at some time this year.

Besides huge projects, like Fallout 4 VR or porting Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch, Bethesda is also working on a new mobile game which the studio is hoping will be the same kind of hit Fallout Shelter was. Howard would, of course, give no real details concerning it, except to say that it would be a testament to his company’s ability to run several projects at once. “We’re always doing a lot of things, and once we get good momentum on something, that’s what we’ll focus on,” he replied to the unspoken worry that it may all be a bit much.

Whether or not Bethesda can juggle all these different games is something that will have to be seen over the next few years. As Howard was unwilling to give release details on any of the seven games, or, for that matter, give any indication on what the big titles will be about, it seems that Bethesda fans will have to play the waiting game for a while longer.

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