Bethesda Game Studios game director Todd Howard reveals that the developer has “lots of ideas” for new games and that they “don’t plan on making small things”.

Since it launched last month, Fallout 4 hasn’t received much in the way of updates. Bethesda Game Studios has created a patch beta testing program for PC users but it means that those outside of the program on PC and those on PS4 and Xbox One have yet to receive their first set of fixes.

Not only that but Bethesda has also been selling the Fallout 4 season pass for several sets of downloadable content that will arrive next year, but no information has been revealed on that added content yet. There’s still a lot to do with the game then, which is why it may seem surprising that the developer is already talking about future plans.

In a new interview with Wired,¬†game director Todd Howard said that as they just finished Fallout 4 (the making of the core game at least) he and the team “definitely need a break”, but “after that, I just see so many things that we could do”. “I like to make big games, the team likes to make big games” and they have “lots of ideas”, says the director, and they “plan on taking a break and coming back and finding out where those ideas take us”. And again, for emphasis, Howard states that “we definitely don’t plan on making small things”.


As for what those ideas may be, Howard doesn’t offer any clues but no doubt many will be hoping for a Skyrim sequel. As the backlash to Skyrim‘s paid mods¬†showed, many fans are still heavily invested in the game and would want to buy a new game in the Elder Scrolls universe. It also seems quite likely that Skyrim will soon become available on Xbox One via the new backward compatibility feature so that too could lead to renewed interest in the Elder Scrolls franchise and encourage Bethesda Game Studios to start work on that new game sooner rather than later.

Others though, will hope that Bethesda Game Studios holds off on those new ideas for as long as possible. In addition to the aforementioned Fallout 4 DLC and the upcoming patches, prior to release the developer also promised Fallout 4 mod support. Not only would players be able to make mods on PC, but mod support will also be available on Xbox One and PS4, which could certainly be a big challenge for the studio, That mod support isn’t scheduled until the new year but fans fear that working on a brand new game could see the feature pushed back much later in 2016.

Source: Wired

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