Bethesda Hiring for Unannounced Next-Gen Game

With the PlayStation 4 likely to be unveiled on February 20th and the Xbox 720 waiting to be revealed at E3, the next generation of consoles may be just around the corner. While we are under the assumption that development kits for these consoles are already in the hands of high profile developers, exactly who are they? According to a job listing on ZeniMax’s website, Bethesda Game Studios just might be one of those developers.

Bethesda, known for the The Elder Scrolls as well as the post-apocalyptic Fallout series, is seeking seasoned programmers for work on “an unannounced game on future-generation consoles.” The studio is looking for people who meet the following requirements:


  • At least 5 years of game development experience with multiple titles shipped
  • Extensive experience programming and optimizing for the Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Experience with DirectX 11 a plus
  • Passion for making GREAT games, and being part of a GREAT team
  • Ability to contribute innovative ideas towards all aspects of game development
  • Must create amazing things with minimal oversight
  • Experience playing Bethesda Game Studios games a plus

One element not touched upon in the listing for Future Generation Console Programmer is familiarity with the Creation Kit or G.E.C.K. systems that are used to create The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, respectively. Several other job listings at the studio note that such familiarity is “a plus.”

Does this mean that Bethesda will not be making an immediate return to The Elder Scrolls or Fallout series? With the success of Arkane Studio’s new IP, Dishonored, could Bethesda be looking to create a new world from scratch? There isn’t really much to go on right now. However, Fallout 4 does seem like a distinct possibility, with Bethesda scoping out Boston, and imaginary radio personality Three-Dog teasing the world about his return.

What do you guys think? Is Fallout 4 going to be Bethesda’s first step into the next generation of consoles? Or will the studio take the opportunity to try something new?

Source: ZeniMax Careers [via VG 24/7]