Bethesda Game Studios Hiring With Multiplayer Focus

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Whether it's The Elder Scrolls or Fallout, games developed by Bethesda Game Studios have generally had a single player focus. However, that may be about to change with the developer's next project. According to a recent job posting, Bethesda Game Studios could be looking to reach out into multiplayer gameplay.

Specifically, the job listing is for the role of Senior Core Tech Engineer, to help "maintain, optimize, and extend our core engine technology." Within the posting, there are many of the usual asks, with required skills such as years of experience in C++ programming, but there is one request under the desired skills section that has caught the eye. There, Bethesda Game Studios is asking for the core tech engineer to have "experience developing for online multiplayer environment."

Although Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media plays host to a number of developers, some of which with a long history of multiplayer development, it's worth noting that this position is specifically for Bethesda Game Studios. As such, it seems likely that the studio is gearing up to enter into online multiplayer gameplay with a future project - or at least put in place elements of engine tech that can support multiplayer in the future.

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Of course, fans of the developer's work may already be hoping for a multiplayer experience in one of its pre-existing IPs. After all, many Elder Scrolls players have been left wondering about the possibility of exploring the games with a friend in co-op, and so could already be dreaming about potential Elder Scrolls 6 locations and being able to team up within them. Meanwhile, wasteland maintenance through settlement building as seen in Fallout 4 could certainly become a good place to use online multiplayer in a future Fallout game.

However, should online multiplayer truly be on the cards, it may well not have anything to do with Bethesda Game Studios' core properties. Indeed, the developer has previously confirmed that it is working on 3 new big games, with executive producer Todd Howard cryptically stating that they are "bigger than anything we’ve ever done. They’re a bit different, but definitely in the wheelhouse that people are used to from us."

With that in mind, there could be an entirely new property from Bethesda Game Studios on the horizon - with online multiplayer of some description to boot. Alternatively, maybe those dormant Fallout Online rights might finally get some use.

Source: ZeniMax Media

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