Bethesda Forces 'Fortress Fallout' to Change Name

Bethesda Force Fortress Fallout Name Change

It may be the first year that Bethesda will play host to an E3 press conference, but fans are already excited by the prospect. With a handful of highly anticipated properties under their belt, Bethesda has the potential to blow the lid of E3 2015, provided they make sure they control the conversation.

Many hope that art of that conversation will be an announcement of Fallout 4, the latest in the post-apocalyptic franchise. There’s obviously nothing that says Fallout 4 will be announced at the event, but fans certainly hope it will be.

However, while we don’t know whether or not Bethesda will announce Fallout 4 it seems pretty clear they want to be the center of all things Fallout regardless. So much so, in fact, that parent company ZeniMax Media hit the mobile game Fortress Fallout with a cease and desist, asking that the developer Xreal change their game’s name.

Although Xreal could fight Bethesda’s request in courts, team founder Howard Marks says he will acquiesce to The Elder Scrolls developer’s wishes. Marks even took to YouTube to openly discuss the matter with fans, saying that his legal team warned against drawing things out. He also used the platform as a chance to ask fans for suggestions for a new name.


Name disputes are nothing new for the world of mobile games, especially when it comes to major publishers and their flagship franchises. Some will remember that Candy Crush Saga developer King Games went after titles with ‘Saga’ in their names and even tried to trademark the term ‘Candy’ before finally paring down their copyright crusade.

This isn’t the first time Bethesda has filed a dispute with another developer, either; they famously went after Mojang’s Scrolls for being too similar in name to The Elder Scrolls. But rather than feel the pressure of a major company’s legal team, Mojang seemingly fought back and the two sides settled out of court.

While there was unlikely to be any confusion between Fortress Fallout – which is a 2d tower defense mobile game, by the way – and Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic shooter, the developer clearly wants to be the be-all and end-all when it comes to the term ‘Fallout’. We don’t know if suing a mobile developer is the best way to go about that; we’d prefer they just announce Fallout 4 and let that be the showstopper.

Do you think Bethesda is wise to make Fortress Fallout change its name? How do you feel about brand protection moves like this?

Source: Howard Marks

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