Bethesda Files Trademark for 'Dawnguard'; Possible 'Skyrim' DLC?

Bethesda Trademark Skyrim DLC

Brace yourself Elder Scrolls fans, Bethesda owner Zenimax Media has filed a trademark for 'Dawnguard' and it is definitely something video game or DLC related. The most important thing revealed by the trademark is that it is intended for downloadable computer game software, meaning that Dawnguard has a very real possibility of being the first DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It's been nearly 4 months since the release of Skyrim, and though fans just got a major uptick in the form of the game's mod tools being released, console owners have been left to wander the world of Skyrim without anything as tantalizing as the game's main quest lines. Hopefully Dawnguard will be that meaty content fans have been hoping for.

It makes sense that Dawnguard could be DLC for Skyrim, and if it is that would mean a trademark filed for 'Redguard' earlier this year could actually be the first piece and Dawnguard would be the second. Or maybe they're both something completely different.

One of the theories being tossed around over at VG 24/7 suggests that Dawnguard would focus on a storyline given in the town of Dawnstar. And another seems to believe that The Order of the Mythic Dawn from Oblivion will make their way into the world of Skyrim to wreak havoc upon its political system.

Dawnstar was also the name of a title released for mobile phones back in 2004 leading some to believe that Dawnguard would be a new iOS and Android based experience that would extend the world of The Elder Scrolls into the mobile market. Bethesda has already shown a willingness to expand with their Skyrim map app, so maybe this is a more comprehensive and engaging version of that.

A lot of theories are bound to be tossed around between now and when Bethesda officially announces the first piece of DLC for Skyrim, but only when the developer sees fit will gamers really have something tangible to hold on to.

What is your theory as to what Dawnguard is? What storylines would you like to see fleshed out further or introduced as Skyrim DLC?

Source: VG 24/7

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