One of the major announcements out of Bethesda’s E3 2017 press conference was its Creation Club program. Creation Club is a store system in which Bethesda partners with modders to create and release mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, two of its hugely successful RPGs.

Unfortunately, the reveal of Creation Club didn’t go down so well and leading some to question whether it was a new form of paid mods. Bethesda’s vice president of PR and marketing, Pete Hines, has now spoken about the controversy, explaining the difference between paid mods and Creation Club.

In an interview at PAX West, Hines explained that “one of the reasons that this is not paid mods is that when [modders are] working for us it’s a job. They’re not getting paid only if the stuff sells, they’re getting paid like an external contractor all along the way.”

Hines goes on to explain that “the risk is removed for [Creation Club contractors] because they’re getting paid and treated like a real external developer, working alongside us.” The Bethesda executive again stress that making mods during freetime and making mods as part of Creation Club “just aren’t the same.” Hines also pointed out that Bethesda has faced plenty of outrage over mods previously, noting that when the company first offered a native mod database it was accused of “trying to shut down [NexusMods] and everything else.’”

Much of the outrage towards the Creation Club program seems to stem from concerns about what Bethesda might do. Skyrim was part of the Steam paid mod system that caused controversy several years ago and many still hold a grudge against Bethesda because of it. Many argued that mods should always be free, and this argument has carried over to Creation Club, despite the program existing alongside non-Creation Club mods which are available for free.

Fans also fear that if Creation Club takes off, Bethesda may require all mods for the game to go through its platform, forcing all mods to become paid mods when they could otherwise be free of charge. While there is currently no indication that the company plans to do that, it will be up to Bethesda to restore that goodwill. Bethesda has a long way to go to prove to fans that it really isn’t up to no good and this isn’t paid mods part two, and Hines’ comments are just the start.

Source: YouTube – Tek Syndicate