Bethesda and AMD Announce Partnership

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PC gamers who also happen to be Bethesda fans may be interested to learn about a brand new partnership that the publisher has announced. Bethesda recently took to Twitter to confirm that it is entering into a partnership with processor creator AMD.

According to Bethesda, this new relationship between the two companies will act as a "long-term strategic partnership" for the pair, which no doubt will be intriguing news for fans of the company's games that choose a PC as their device of choice. The Bethesda statement also stated that the partnership will "produce unprecedented performance" for fans.

AMD itself was also willing to speak up on Twitter about the partnership. "Working together to deliver amazing gaming experiences, AMD is proud to announce a partnership with Bethesda," said the company on its official Twitter page. Although neither company has confirmed exactly what this will mean for Bethesda titles, it will hopefully lead to a greater level of support for PC players looking to get the most out of Bethesda games.

In particular, PC gamers will be hoping that this partnership between the two will improve support for the likes of Ryzen, Radeon, and potentially even Vulkan, which in turn would potentially allow further options for PC users. No doubt more will be revealed with time, but for now gamers may be left thinking about what this deal could potentially mean - although it's unlikely to mean many changes for console players.

Bethesda has been on a strong run of form recently, with huge commercial successes such as Fallout 4 and the special edition version of Skyrim, and both titles are still pulling in millions of daily users. Meanwhile, other games such as DOOM have been both hugely popular and critically successful, so any chance for Bethesda to build upon this success is likely one that the publisher would jump at the chance to take.

Of course, many players will be hoping that this partnership with AMD will lead to some improvements with the regular bugbears of Bethesda-released games - such as large framerate drops and other performance-related issues that often plague the games at launch. If AMD and Bethesda can work together to help reduce these semi-regular problems, then PC gamers will no doubt appreciate it.

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