The 5 Best PS4 Exclusives According To Metacritic (& The 5 Worst)

With Christmas approaching, it's a great time to start thinking about any games you might want to add to your collection. If you're a proud owner of a PlayStation 4 tired of hearing from your PC gamer friends how their ways are superior, this is the moment to go for those juicy PS4 exclusive titles that PC gamers can only cry about.

While not all exclusives are necessary worth your money, there are a few titles that according to Metacritic make the cut. Putting aside any games that are breaking to PC soon like Red Dead Redemption 2, as well as VR games that suffer in quality due to incomplete technology, let's have a look at the 5 best and 5 worst exclusives for the PS4.

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10 Best: Bloodborne

Fans of the Dark Souls franchise will definitely be pleased when picking up Bloodborne. This incredibly challenging game pits you, the hunter, against all sorts of demonic creatures and highly powerful enemies which can demolish you within seconds. As you travel through the sprawling Victorian city of Yharnam, you'll unlock small clues about the city and its inhabitants as well as grow stronger against your enemies. By executing powerful combos, you'll eventually go from dying every minute to mastering this difficult yet highly rewarding and beautiful game.

9 Worst: Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune

Listen, we're not going to judge you for how you spend your free time. Whether your game of choice is an open-world adventure or a collection of mini-games that unlocks different bikini styles for pretty girls, you do you.

However, objectively, as a game, Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune just falls short on content. The games aren't that fun, versatile, or engaging to play, and yet, it's through grinding those mini-games that you eventually unlock different outfits for your hot babes. Even in the genre of fan service, there are definitely better games on the market, which is why it's a hard pass for us.

8 Best: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

If you're a gamer with a real lust for adventure and danger, Uncharted 4 won't leave you hanging. Nathan Drake takes on yet another adventure when his brother calls him to save his life and go after a famous treasure. The gameplay is extremely dynamic with great combat to fluid movement through a variety of levels and natural elements. Coming from Naughty Dog, which also made The Last Of Us, you can expect incredible graphics and a storyline that is bound to touch even the most emotionally hardened gamer out there.

7 Worst: Godzilla

On paper, a game where you demolish an entire city as Godzilla sounds pretty fun. It's why Godzilla was such a disappointment to so many devoted fans because of how much it ended up lacking. With graphics that are absolutely laughable and lack of variety in gameplay, you're very likely to feel robbed of your time and money after putting more than five minutes into this game.

In many ways, this could be compared to Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune: a game that's so focused on fan service it ends up missing the mark and failing to do what it set out to achieve in the first place.

6 Best: Persona 5

Fans of the anime and manga art style will definitely appreciate the way Persona 5 looks and just how much it has improved from its earlier versions. Take on the role of Joker, a typical high school student, but with a secret. He, and a few other students, posses a Persona, a type of alter-ego that manifests itself in the Metaverse. Combat the Shadows on your journey through the Japanese RPG game with even better graphics and an extremely engaging story with choices you make and which actually matter, and you won't be left cold.

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5 Worst: Fluster Cluck

The genre of multiplayer party games has shifted and changed a lot through the years, and Fluster Cluck shows us why. This game is a blast from the past, but in the worst way possible.

For a 2014 release the graphics are laughable, and the gameplay leaves a lot for us to desire. Fluster Cluck is an arcade type of game you can play with up to four players on your couch, your mission being turning as many small characters into chickens in a chicken machine while shooting away at your opponent. Yes, that's it, there's nothing more to it and you're probably better off playing a free mobile game against your friends than spending a buck on this one.

4 Best: God Of War

A great game always seems to have a combination of excellent combat, engaging storylines with well-developed characters and amazing graphics, God Of War ticks all the boxes for us. Kratos is joined on his journey through the northern lands of Norse creatures by his son, to whom he wishes to teach his ways. The combat system is very cool in God Of War, with attacks swirling and partly slowing down to really showcase Kratos' strength and agility when faced with the most brutal of enemies.

3 Worst: Air Conflict: Vietnam Ultimate Edition

For a PS4 game, this flight simulation is a true, bitter disappointment. The game tries to be a realistic simulation but already fails at the very beginning of this task by showcasing terrible graphics. Given the amazingly immersive simulations already on the market, this level of laziness in detail just isn't acceptable anymore.

Not just that, many players have complained about performance issues and clunky controls that just feel off. If you love simulations, stay away from this one, or you'll find yourself quickly regretting it.

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2 Best: The Last Of Us Remastered

In The Last Of Us, Joel is tasked with protecting Ellie in a harsh new environment as a deadly virus ravages the United States. In a gorgeously designed post-apocalyptic world, the pair must face the dangers of raiders and the infected while fending for themselves and gathering supplies to craft more items to help you along the way.

While combat is sometimes very real in the game, The Last Of Us always gives you an option to use stealth to bypass tough enemies or large groups of them. And, of course, the story's just fantastic and will move you to tears. You've been warned!

1 Worst: Basement Crawl

Bomberman was a highly popular game, and the concept has been reused many times after in different variations. In Basement Crawl, however, it's used in such poor way that it leaves us in disbelief how a game as bad as this had made it to the market.

The principle is still the same: bomb all other players, except, this time, the background is slightly more horror-themed. The graphics look very rushed, and the sound lacks any depth. Gameplay-wise, you only have online and local multiplayer as options, which makes the game incredibly lackluster.

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