The 5 Best Legendary Weapons In Destiny 2: Forsaken (& The 5 Worst)

In Destiny 2’s latest expansion Forsaken a number of new legendaries have been added to the pile that make many of the year one weapons obsolete, but there are a number of weapons that are just terrible by comparison.

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A lot of this has to do with the randomized perks and RNG that can make a weapon either the most powerful in the game or nothing but an ammo dump. But even with the RNG there are some weapons that gain a permanent spot on loadouts while others are dismantled as soon as they’re found, assuming they’re even picked up.

10 Best: Bad Reputation

This SMG has excellent range that makes it great for headshots or can be used to mow down enemies in close quarters combat, making it an all-around great weapon before it even gets any perks to improve it.

It ranks lower because of an abysmal reload speed, which isn’t the end of the world with its decent magazine size and the fact that most enemies will be dead before then. If you manage to roll a weapon perk like Outlaw that can easily mitigate this problem. Any perks to improve damage would also make the reload speeds irrelevant.

9 Worst: Ether Doctor

After their immense popularity and stunning power in PVP play in year one auto rifles took a major hit in year two. As a result, many of the new auto rifles like the Ether Doctor have become some of the worst legendaries in the game.

The Ether Doctor doesn’t do nearly enough damage and the range could be a little better. Even with a powerful perk like Ricochet Round that solves many of this gun’s problems, it still only brings it up to a mid-level weapon in terms of usefulness. By the time you roll the right Ether Doctor, you’ll probably have found something better anyway.

8 Best: Parcel Of Stardust

This is a Kinetic Shotgun that drops during Gambit mode. It’s admittedly very plain looking for a weapon of the future, but no one can deny the raw power it packs in each shot with even halfway decent rolls. As far as light shotguns go it does a fantastic job in Gambit mode and standard PVE.

What you’re really looking for with this gun to make it truly shine are perks like Rampage that boosts the damage for a period of time. As stated it does well with mediocre perks, but getting tough perks like Rampage can shred enemies in seconds.

7 Worst: Sleepless

Introduced in season 4 as part of the Dreaming City gear set this is the weapon you want to love, but can’t bring yourself to keep without the perfect rolls. Like any rocket launcher it deals lots of damage with each round, but the Sleepless is next to worthless if you miss.

As a result, it struggles in PVE and is next to useless in PVP. If you happen to roll a cluster bomb perk then it can hold its own, but it’s not worth grinding out that specific set up when there are plenty of other easier to obtain options.

6 Best: Bad Omens

A great example of something better you can find is the Bad Omens rocket launcher that drops in Gambit mode. With an excellent reload speed you’ll be pumping out twice as many rockets as you would with the Sleepless and it’s high velocity means the enemy will have less time to dodge.

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There are also some fans that would argue the void damage is part of what makes it a powerful weapon. Basically, it’s a good weapon right out of the gate and absolutely horrifying if you manage to get the cluster bombs perk.

5 Worst: The Militia’s Birthright

This grenade launcher is honestly a fun weapon with the right rolls, but a dumpster fire with the curated rolls. As a kinetic weapon, it struggles taking down shields which many would argue is the grenade launcher's main purpose. Without the right rolls, it only shines when players get a direct body shot which requires lots of skill and using a grenade launcher in a non-traditional fashion.

With the right rolls and some skill it can be a fun weapon, but not one that can be taken seriously in competitive matches.

4 Best: Trust

This hand cannon packs quite the punch with its high damage. It also has a fairly decent reload speed which makes the nine bullet magazine a non-issue. Without any meaningful perks this is a decent weapon to have in your holster for the right situation.

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But if you manage to roll a perk like dragonfly or explosive payload this thing can punch holes in some of your toughest foes. Many players will find this weapon leaving the holster to be used as a primary weapon more often than they expect.

3 Worst: Ten Paces

Now here’s a hand cannon that brands itself as a dueling weapon, just look at the name, but is ironically one of the worst legendaries to wield in PVP. It does have higher damage and reload stats than the Trust, but it suffers in range and handling which negates those advantages. Its kinetic nature doesn’t do it any favors either.

It’s redeemed a little by a perk like explosive payload, but honestly, there are much better hand cannons out there, like the one mentioned previously. If going into a duel at ten paces, make sure this isn’t the gun you’re packing.

2 Best: Bygones

Arguably the best weapon as a result of Forsaken is the kinetic pulse rifle Bygones. Yet another drop in Gambit game mode this beast has some solid stats and a hefty magazine of 37 rounds. It dominates in mid-range engagements which is often where the majority of combat takes place.

With good rolls like a Kill Clip and Outlaw combo this thing becomes even more impressive. But what makes this weapon really shine is that a good version of it can be purchased from the Drifter. If you need any proof that this is the best weapon in the game, go take a look at what the majority of players are using in Crucible and Gambit then pay the Drifter a visit.

1 Worst: Horror Story

Given the difference in playstyles and skill levels, it’s hard to determine the worst legendary weapon, but many players would make the strong case that Horror Story is that weapon. As a kinetic auto rifle it’s already suffering from nerfs and its stats are fairly mediocre for a legendary.

It needs a good perk like rampage to hold its own in PVE and it has no hope for PVP. To add salt to the wound this weapon was only obtainable during the Festival of the Lost last fall and required the extensive grinding of fragmented souls to obtain. Many unfortunate souls who put in the grind will tell you their horror story when they tested this gun out in PVP only to find out how terrible it was.

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