The 5 Best Armor Sets In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (& The 5 Worst)

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild quickly became a favorite Zelda game for many gamers after it was released when the Nintendo Switch was launched. This game is a hugely open-world game that allows players to control Link as he travels all over Hyrule, completes shrines, and regains his memories before he heads to Hyrule Castle in order to take on Calamity Ganon.

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While making your way across the landscape, you'll likely come across several different sets of armor. Some will be given to you, some will be required for part of a quest, and others can be found in chests all over the map. While some of them offer a boost or some sort of protection, there are also some that are definitely more just for aesthetics.

Some of these are awesome while others just aren't. To see 5 of the best and 5 of the worst armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, keep reading!

10 Best: Climbing Set

One of the best sets of armor in Breath of the Wild is the Climbing Set. This set can be purchased from Granté after the player finds the Climbing Gear, the first piece of this set, in the Chaas Qeta Shrine on Tenoko Island. Each piece will set the player back 4,000 Rupees but trust us when we say it's worth it.

This set will help the player to climb faster and more efficiently which we all know is definitely a helpful bonus in Breath of the Wild with its many mountains. Although this doesn't give you a leg up in combat, it's helpful if you're trying to make it to the top of a mountain with no stamina boosting food.

9 Worst: Sheikah Set

The Sheikah Set is an armor set that consists of the Stealth Mask, the Stealth Chest Guard, and the Stealth Tights. It can be purchased from the clothing shop in Kakariko Village for a total of 1800 Rupees for all three pieces. This gives Link a stealth boost which is improved after upgrading the set at least once.

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While this stealth boost can be pretty handy in some situations, we can't lie. This just isn't the best armor set in Breath of the Wild. Looking like a Sheikah Warrior is pretty awesome and a throwback to past Zelda games, but Link is more of an in-your-face hero and other sets with more useful bonuses are much better.

8 Best: Barbarian Set

The Barbarian Set is an armor set in Breath of the Wild that resembles what the warriors in the Faron region once wore. This set not only looks cool but it's actually a really helpful one to put Link in, especially if you know that you're going to be battling a huge camp of enemies.

This set is a reward for completing the three labyrinths in the game, meaning it's not all that easy to find. But because wearing it reduces the stamina used when attacking enemies, it's definitely a handy one. Watch out when you go to upgrade it though, each level requires some pretty rare materials like a Lynel Horn, Lynel Hooves, and eventually, a dragon shard.

7 Worst: Gerudo Veil Set

We can't lie, Link looks pretty adorable dressed up in this Gerudo Veil set. This set is the one that the player purchases so that they can blend in with the Gerudo people as they don't allow any men within their walls. It definitely disguises Link pretty well and it has the added bonus of not letting him overheat in the desert air, but it's far from the best set in the game.

While this is useful for part of the story, it can be annoying to put it back on every time you have to go back to Gerudo Town if you didn't keep it on while you were roaming the desert.

6 Best: Desert Voe Set

The Desert Voe set is a set that can be obtained in Gerudo Town. It's the masculine counterpart to the Gerudo Veil set and, let's all be honest here, it looks a lot cooler on Link than the Gerudo Veil Set. This set can be obtained from the Gerudo Secret Club in Gerudo Town for 2,400 Rupees.

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Along with looking cooler on than the Gerudo Veil set, the Desert Voe Set has another advantage. Being in the dessert and having to watch your temperature meter can get tiresome, but this set is definitely one that lets you take your eyes off that and watch for Molduga because it has mid-level Heat Resistance.

5 Worst: Armor Of The Wild

Looking for that old school aesthetic that Link used to have in some of the previous games? The Armor of the Wild set may be just the thing for you! This set is definitely nostalgic-looking for many Zelda fans and it has a pretty unique bonus that allows the player to maximize the energy blasts coming from their Master Sword, but is it worth it?

Getting this entire set isn't easy. After the player completes every last one of the 120 shrines in the game, they're given a final quest called A Gift From the Monks. It will guide you to the Forgotten Temple where several Guardians will fire at you. But if you land safely, you'll find chests with this set of armor inside. While it's cool and has a unique bonus, other sets are easier to get and have more useful bonuses.

4 Best: Snowquill Set

The Snowquill Set is a really useful set of armor that Link can purchase from Rito Village for a total of 2,150 Rupees for all three pieces. When Link first purchases this set, it has a pretty good mid-level cold resistance. The real bonus to this set comes when it's upgraded at any of the Great Fairy Fountains because it eventually gets a complete resistance to freezing.

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Anyone who has played Breath of the Wild will know that once you head up to the Northwest corner of the map, to the Hebra Mountains, you're definitely going to need that cold immunity. Although Link could definitely go with some spicy food, it's best to wear something warm and not worry about it.

3 Worst: Phantom Ganon Set

The Phantom Ganon Armor set is a set in Breath of the Wild that the player can pick up after completing the EX Treasure: Dark Armor quest, a quest that was added to the game as part of The Champion's Ballad DLC. It leads the player to three different chests in three different locations where they can pick up the Phantom Ganon Skull, Armor, and Greaves.

While it looks really cool, the only bonus that it actually gives Link upon donning this armor set is that his stealth goes up. This is handy if you want to sneak around a group of enemies, but the Sheikah Set is much easier to get and gives the same stealth boost.

2 Best: Zora Set

The Zora Set is a set of armor that is all related to quests either in Zora's Domain or in the surrounding area. The Zora Helm is found in a sunken treasure chest in Toto Lakte, the armor is a gift from King Dorephan during the Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest, and the greaves are a reward for completing the Lynel Safari quest.

Along with just making Link look totally cool and like one of the Zora, it also has a pretty nice bonus. Each piece of armor that Link puts on helps him to swim faster and, if you wear the entire set, you can swim up waterfalls without a problem. Pretty useful!

1 Worst: Radiant Set

The Radiant Set is an armor set that can be purchased from Gerudo's Secret Club. This set looks pretty awesome because it has a glowing skeleton outline on it, giving Link a really unique and eerie appearance. The main draw of this set isn't just how cool it looks, though.

This set has a pretty unique bonus because it gives the player a stealth bonus against "Stal" enemies. But, while this armor set looks undeniably awesome and the stealth bonus when sneaking around certain enemies is great, there are definitely armor sets with better bonuses.

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