Video Game Song Classics: 5 Great Covers

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Good video game songs tend to stick with us. While appreciating these songs as they were originally created is all well and good, cover songs often show a new interpretation of something familiar, shifting the genre or adding something new that wasn’t there before.

Not all covers of video game songs are good, as some stray too far into new territory and lose sight of the original while others just lack artistry. While covers of video game songs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea—some people prefer to preserve the original song’s integrity—there are some truly great covers out there for those willing to look.

Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens Sing The Song of the Dragonborn 

Violinist Lindsey Stirling is no stranger to video game covers. While she has albums of her own music, her most-viewed videos are the ones of her cosplaying, dancing, and playing reimagined violin versions of some of our favorite video game songs. Her Zelda medley and Dragon Age: Inquisition videos (in which she fights a dragon with her violin) are amazing, but her Skyrim cover with a cappella artist Peter Hollens is truly something special.

Like her other videos, Stirling’s cover of “The Song of the Dragonborn” features both her and Peter Hollen in costume, frolicking through a very Skyrim-esque landscape while absolutely slaying Skyrim‘s theme song. What makes the cover so great is that it’s only the two of them performing—by layering the vocals and violin, they create an incredibly rich sound out of one voice and one violin.

Fantasy 7 Reimagines Final Fantasy X‘s “To Zanarkand”

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshot 2

Not everyone loves Final Fantasy X, but it’s hard to resist Nobuo Uematsu’s fantastic soundtrack, especially the game’s heartbreaking theme, “To Zanarkand.” With such a wonderful history of music, the Final Fantasy series has its own unique sound, even as it varies from game to game.

That’s what makes Soundcloud user Fantasy 7’s covers of video game songs so unique—they cover a variety of music as if it were included on Final Fantasy 7‘s soundtrack. When combining the game’s sound with other music from the series, such as their cover of “To Zanarkand,” it becomes an entirely new sound that manages to evoke both games at the same time, inspiring nostalgia on two different levels.


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