The Best Video Game Secrets Ever

By | 3 years ago 

For the most part, games are meant to be fun. They’re an escape, the quintessential form of interactive entertainment. Why watch a film, when you can be the star of one, right? Game developers are gamers too and like to have as much fun in their work as we do playing the finished product. Many games, as a result, include little nods to fans, geek culture and other games.

From hidden Easter Eggs, collectibles and secret levels, to cheat codes, hidden modes and bonus features, video game secrets serve to not only give a little wink or extra fun to players, but in many cases, help market games through viral means. But it wasn’t always that way – these sorts of secrets have been a part of video games since they began.

NBA Jam, Goldeneye, Diablo 2, and Contra – these are just some of the many, many game secrets that hold a special place in our hearts. Check out this cool feature on the best video game secrets ever and let us know what games hold the best Easter eggs for you!


Source: Green-Label