10 Best Video Game Memes of the Week: May 29th

best video game memes

Over on the Game Rant Facebook and Twitter accounts, we like to break up the latest in video game news with a healthy supply of funny memes and images. In case you've missed any, we've gathered the best posts of the week into one place for your viewing convenience.

Without further ado, here is the best that the last seven days had to offer:

10 Side Quests vs Storyline

Meme of the Week 1

It's safe to say that it's just too hard to focus on the story of a game when there are all those alluring side quests pulling your attention literally anywhere else. Skyrim, The WitcherBorderlands - we'll get round to finishing that story eventually...

9 Style Points

Meme of the Week 2

Sometimes a team just doesn't work together as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy, and it's best to just enjoy the game. Baby Groot perfectly sums up the feeling of kicking ass alone, despite your lack of a decent squad.

8 Keeping Those Valuables Safe

Meme of the Week 3

With a (Nuka) Cola, some light change, and exactly three bullets, this Fallout-inspired safe is complete. Now all it's missing is some bloatfly meat and surgical tubing.

7 Call the Doctor

Meme of the Week 4

Sometimes it feels like that Medic beside you just doesn't care as you begin the lengthy respawn process. But you just don't understand... they were about to get a sweet headshot!

6 For Heaven's Sake

Meme of the Week 5

Beating the devil is cool and all, but when a barrel might drop that epic loot you've been seeking all week, is a boss fight really worth the hassle? To be fair, it's not like Diablo has pockets.

5 Archery Skill Increased

Meme of the Week 6

Fallout and The Elder Scrolls may both be on our list of the best open-world games, but there's no denying that the Bethesda games feel rather different from one another. Going from being the Dragonborn to the Sole Survivor is a rather jarring transition.

4 My House, My Rules

Meme of the Week 7

We all had 'that' controller as a kid. The controller dedicated to Player 2, which had buttons that stuck or an analog stick that was a little dodgy. Sadly, if the alternative was to use one of the more daunting third-party controllers, we might as well be using this sculpted mess.

3 Family Reunion

Meme of the Week 8

We love a good reunion here at Game Rant, and this baby PlayStation meeting its grandfather for the first time warmed our hearts. Now all we need are more old-school games remastered like Crash Bandicoot, and that old hardware can finally retire in peace.

2 Thinking Outside the (X)box

Meme of the Week 9

If you'd asked us last week what the best thing about owning a cat is, we'd probably have replied with some generic answer about companionship and love. Now we're not so sure.

1 Enemies Nearby

Meme of the Week 10

Sometimes AI can be so good that it's scary. Other times you get a guard attacking a fish, which in our opinion is just as good. Here we see a Skyrim guard tracking down the notorious Sweetroll-thieving Slaughterfish.

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Which Video Game meme do you think deserves to be in the next Top 10?

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