The 10 Best Ubisoft Video Games Ever Made (According To Metacritic)

Ubisoft have been given criticism for relying on franchise games starting from the seventh generation of consoles, rather than creating new IPs for them to have a wider variety of series to offer. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best games from the developer to illustrate their talent for giving us great playing experiences.

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Due to this, repeat games of the same series haven’t been included, and only the top-ranked entry in a franchise has been considered in order to show the number of titles Ubisoft have published. As Metacritic is considered the most appropriate review-based website, we've used their ranking scores. 

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10 Grandia II (90)

The Grandia series is a forgotten one, and has been this way for about a decade now. This is why it’s not common knowledge that Ubisoft once owned this IP. The publisher isn’t famed for its role-playing offerings, making Grandia II a pleasant surprise. More recently, it was released on the PlayStation Network and on the Nintendo switch.

The game takes place in a fantasy world, where a journey taken by a young mercenary unfolds a larger history previously unknown to the citizens of this universe, who inhabit a land thousands of years following a legendary battle between gods.

9 Silent Hunter III (90)

Nowadays, you really won’t be finding many simulator games, since the current gamer tends to favor open-world offerings. Still, Silent Hunter III manages to be among the best Ubisoft offerings due to it pulling off making submarine simulation a fun ride. 

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Dropping you off in World War II, the campaign sees the player in charge of a variety of battleships seen during this time in history, featuring the likes of convoys and destroyer submarines. There’s also an option for the player to be dropped in specific World War II moments, making it something of a period piece.

8 Trials Evolution (90)

This game isn’t well-known either, but its quality is such that it appears on the list of the best Xbox games of all time, making it a gem in Ubisoft’s history of releases. What Motorstorm couldn’t do for the PlayStation, Trials Evolution achieved on the Xbox. 

The player has a variety of motorbikes to choose from to traverse the obstacle courses before them. Featuring a unique take on this genre, where the game plays out 2D while retaining the 3D outlook, Trials Evolution stands out as something worthy of checking out in today’s landscape.

7 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (90)

There was a time when tactical shooters were all the rage and it was for good reason too, as the gaming landscape was flooded by quality offerings. Chief among them were the Tom Clancy games, where the best-reviewed one turned out to be Warfighter

The beauty of this game is the fact that the weapons are based on real guns, which makes it an authentic serving in a dish of tactical shooters. There’s also the presence of armored vehicles, various obstacles and added features in separate platforms that make this a game rich with features.

6 Far Cry 3 (90)

While the Far Cry series had been active for several years, it was Far Cry 3 that exploded the franchise into relevance. The reason for its rejuvenated success was because the game handed out a third-person shooter style experience in the form of a first-person offering.

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There wasn’t the baggage that comes with usual first-person games, and Far Cry 3 cut straight to the chase in its campaign mode, where the twist in the story was such that first-person shooter gamers actually cared about the story mode for a change.

5 Assassin's Creed II (91)

It seems the Assassin’s Creed series peaked in its second installment, as this remains the best-reviewed entry in the franchise even ten years after its release. And why wouldn’t it be? It still holds up due to the complete package of an experience, where you grow from an adolescent into a master assassin.

The story remains the most quality one in the series, and Ezio is always a treat to play as. With a host of gameplay features like platforming, combat, and stealth, Assassin’s Creed II is a long journey we enjoyed every step of the way.

4 IL-2 Sturmovik (91)

Who would’ve thought decades ago that one day there would be games about the harrowing events of World War II? As it happened, one of Ubisoft’s best games ever turned out to be IL-2 Sturmovik, a simulator detailing the battles of World War II.

The main portion of the game has to do with navigating over 30 planes in the heat of war, with over 70 planes featured overall, as the player has to shoot down their opponents. The player has the option of choosing whatever side they want, be it the Americans, the Germans, or even the Japanese.

3 Rayman Origins (92)

Now let’s divert your mind over to something completely far away from battle situations over to Rayman Origins, which was made specifically with kids in mind as its main target base. Although the game turned out to be child-friendly to the point that it wasn’t commercially successful, nobody can argue over its quality.

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It takes you back to the good old days of side-scrolling gameplay, where the rules are simple and the enemies are easy to beat. The variety is presented through upgrading the character and unlocking a host of new abilities as you progress further.

2 Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (92)

It’s a shame the Prince of Persia series fizzled out by last generation, as there was more in terms of quality here than Ubisoft’s preferred choice in Assassin’s Creed. The Sands of Time trilogy is the best work Ubisoft has put out there, with the first game ranking among the all-time best.

The creativity of the level design, the distinct combat system, and the time travel aspect above all else made The Sands of Time an instant classic. It’s still better than most games, and you’d be doing yourself a favor by going back and replaying this timeless tale.

1 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (94)

The torch for stealth games is now mainly carried by the Hitman series, but Splinter Cell did champion the genre’s efforts for quite a while. Among Ubisoft’s highest-ranked games ever, this series comprises of the top-3, with Chaos Theory being at the very top. 

Taking a chance with making the series grittier, this game elevated the previous installments’ efforts by giving the chance to go in for the kill with the gameplay. This brought in a world of realism and authenticity to the game, and the multiplayer modes' depth ensured all users of the game got a piece of the action to remember.

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