10 Best Maps In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is the shooter out there with the most depth right now, and a lot of that is due to how interesting and complex every single map in the game is. Though they may not all be perfectly balanced, all of the maps have incredibly intricate detail, and it's almost always the team that knows the map better and takes advantage of that knowledge that earns that "W." There are still new strategies being developed on a lot of the maps in the game, even ones that have been there since launch.

Here are ten of the best maps currently available in Rainbow Six Siege.

P.S. Kanal won't be included on this list, despite the rework looking very solid, simply because it hasn't been out nearly long enough to make a true judgment.

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10 Coastline

Coastline is a map that has a very different feel than most other maps in the game. Usually, that results in a map that isn't very well balanced or feels like it doesn't belong, but Coastline hits a perfect balance of familiarity and uniqueness that always make it a blast to play. The aesthetics of the map are top-notch, with the colors popping right off the bat, but, even once you dive deep into the details of the map, it has a lot going for it.

The open rooftop in the middle of the map forces roamers to really pick and choose how they rotate, but there are plenty of interesting runout opportunities that keep the Attackers on their toes.

9 Outback

The newest map addition to Siege, Outback feels like a perfect blend of old-school and new-school Siege. It has a lot of tight, claustrophobic areas, but knows exactly when to open up into a long sightline, as well. It's another map that has excellent aesthetics, even going so far as to color-code much of the map to make for easier callouts.

This map is new enough that there are still a ton of new strategies being developed, too, so a lot of the time that you end up playing here, you end of learning something new!

8 Kafe Dostoyevsky

Kafe has recently gotten a rework, and, though the map was relatively strong before, it's definitely one of the best maps now. While the second floor of the map was largely, if not entirely, left alone by the rework, the bottom floor got a hefty makeover, as well as the third floor. There are a ton of interesting and risky rotation options with the third-floor balcony, as well as a few different staircases, and there are a ton of vertical play opportunities throughout.

This is a great map to learn a lot of the mechanics of Siege for new players, while still being a really fun map for vets to play on, too.

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7 Villa

Villa is a map that wasn't necessarily embraced with open arms right off the bat, but has really turned into an interesting and fun map to play on as time goes on. Once everybody wrapped their heads around it, it became a map with a lot of possibilities for good roaming play, though it still has enough choke points to give Attackers an opportunity to defend themselves.

There is an incredible amount of depth to just about every single objective site in Villa, giving each team a ton of options for how they would like to tackle the situation—not to mention it's another beautiful-looking location.

6 Oregon

Oregon has been a staple in the Siege diet for a long, long time. While it has a pretty simple layout and a relatively small size, there's still somehow a lot to think about, no matter your location on the map.

There are a few solid options when it comes to rotating through the map, and it's very much a map that requires you to make quick decisions and to make them count. It's been in the game for long enough that most players have a pretty solid understanding of what exactly is going to be thrown at them, but that doesn't mean you don't come across something new every now and then.

5 Consulate

Consulate is another one that's been in Rainbow Six Siege right from the get-go, and it's stayed popular for so long because it's a really solid map. Consulate has some of the most depth of any map in the game, with a ton of vertical play possibilities and a huge amount of different rotation possibilities, plus multiple viable bomb sites. There are a lot of unconventional methods used all of the time in Consulate, making it a map that really takes a lot of thought and effort to perform well on.

4 Bank

Bank is another classic Siege map, but it's one that retains a relatively unique feel. It opens up into a huge lobby, with two skylights at the top of the tall ceiling. The second story balcony is a pretty dangerous place for Defenders to venture onto, but the risk/reward can definitely be worth it, as Attackers inside the building can have a pretty tough time dealing with it.

It also has some unconventional entrances for the Attackers like the sewer entrance and the garage entrance. This is a map that has had, and likely will still have, a long life because of how unique it feels.

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3 Border

Border is a map that, though it has grown a bit stagnant over time, still has enough complexities and unique aspects that make it worth mentioning on this list. It has a serious amount of vertical play potential and usually requires Attackers having a presence both on the first and second floor to get anything done.

While Defenders don't have an overabundance of staircases at their disposal, there are a lot of ceiling hatches to make use of, thus allowing for quite a lot of rotation possibilities.

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2 Theme Park

Theme Park may be a bit of a controversial decision for this list, and it is next up for a rework by Ubisoft, but it has developed into a strong map that requires a lot of knowledge to succeed.

Many of the bomb sites on Theme Park are difficult to take until you throw some vertical play in there, but, once you take advantage of firing through the ceiling/floor to harass enemies from a different elevation, the map really opens up. It's a great map to learn the importance of vertical play on, though it will still be interesting to see the changes Ubisoft makes to the map to make it a bit more viable in the future.

1 Club House

Club House is another map that's got a pretty unique feel and has really toed that line between competitive and not-so-much through the years. The latest rework to the map has definitely solved that problem for the most part, though.

Club House, like Villa, has quite a few rotations available, but they still all funnel into enough choke points that the Attackers have the possibility of watching their backs. While Club House may not have quite as much vertical play available as other maps, it still has enough depth and complexity while still staying balanced to earn its spot on this list.

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