Top Five PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S Deals Before Holidays

Checkout our roundup of the top five best console deals for Black Friday, including PlayStation 4 Slim, Xbox One S, and even the just released PlayStation 4 Pro.

The latest from the 8th generation consoles have just released today on November 10: Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro has now arrived. On the eve of its launch last night, two deals popped up on eBay Deals adding a little extra incentive for gamers waiting to make that PlayStation 4 Pro purchase. In addition to that there are several other deal on eBay worth discounts and bounses on the cheaper PS4 Slim and the Xbox One S.

Update: Black Friday has arrived! At least, at select retailers. Microsoft is now offering $50 off all Xbox One, a free game, plus $25 gift code when you purchase select Xbox One S bundles. Scroll down to see the deals.

PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim Deals

Xbox One S Deals

All but one of the Xbox One S deals are brought to us by Antonline's eBay store page. You'll get free shipping in the continental US and sales tax only in CA and GA. The Xbox One S BF1 Bundle with 2 games is from NewEgg, a reputable online retailer that is charging sales tax only in CA, IN, TN, and NJ.

The two offers from Antonline on the PlayStation 4 Pro represent the first, and only, release day incentive that we've spotted thus far. Now that the console is released, itwill take about 5 business days to arrive. The first offer includes an extra wireless controller for $419.99. This offer with an extra controller is like paying $20 more for the PS4 Pro, but getting a $60 controller in return, so this a real world bonus of $40. The alternative PS4 Pro deal from Antonline is a bonus $20 PlayStation Network Store card for the same $399 that every other retailer is charging - in light of that, why not pick up a free $20 gift card for your early adopter trouble? (We have now updated this deal to the straight-up $30 discount as it's a better value).

Note: for the Antonline PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim deals, the retailer in question is an authorized Sony dealer - so you'll receive your full year of Sony warranty without an issue.

Finally, as for the Xbox One S deals, they are great values if you wanted the latest Xbox One S along with a copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The first offer from NewEgg will get you the new Battlefield 1 500GB bundle for $319.99 and includes a copy of the new Infinite Warfare and Gears of War 4. That's $120 in bonus games. The last offer on the list is from Antonline for the Xbox One S 500GB Minecraft bundle for $279.99. You're not only getting a rare $20 discount on the Xbox One S, but also a copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which would cost you $60 elsewhere online. Not bad at all when you compare to the PlayStation 4 bundle deals above.

Which Console to Pick?

All the deals above are the current best deal we're seeing this November for the 8th gen console. Barring Black Friday and Cyber Monday later this month, we don't expect anything significantly better until the holiday sale begins in earnest. In terms of platform to go with - your best bet is to decide on the exclusive and see which you may prefer. In terms of value, Microsoft's console often gets you more "bang for your buck" - so if you aren't set on any particular Sony PS4 exclusives, picking up an Xbox One S may be the optimal choice. Conversely, if you're interested in PlayStation VR title or 4K/Pro mode gaming, the PlayStation 4 Pro is worth considering.

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