Best PS4 & Xbox One S Deals As PS4 Slim Releases

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Update 9/19: New deals are now available, including a PS4 Slim bundle with an extra free controller. Details below.

Out with the old, in with the new. The console gaming world is no different. With new Xbox One S Battlefield 1 and PlayStation 4 Slim Final Fantasy XV bundles announced this week, several deals on Xbox One S and old PlayStation 4 consoles are now showing up. If you're looking to buy a new console before the holidays it's not a bad time to find Xbox One S consoles bundled with free accessories (and a movie) or the older PlayStation 4 hitting new low price.

If you don't want to deal with reading the wall of text below, here's the short-cut editor picks in terms of best current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S deals: for the PS4, the $259.99 deal is no-frills but gets you a brand new PS4 for well under list price. As for the Xbox One S? The best would be the 1TB $349 Madden bundle with a free extra controller (newer model), with extra savings from limited sales tax in select states. Many of these deals are extracted from the best Xbox One S roundup, also available here.

PlayStation 4 Console Deals

Upcoming PlayStation 4 Consoles

For Sony's PlayStation 4 three new consoles are of note this week. We've known for awhile that the PlayStation 4 "Slim" 500GB Uncharted bundle would release tomorrow September 15, for $299 - but we didn't know much about that PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB models until now. Just yesterday Sony announced the November 29 releasing 1TB Final Fantasy XV console bundle for $449.99 exclusive to GameStop. That bring the future known PS4 consoles to 3 with the PS4 Pro console debuting November 10.

All this talk (and arrival) of new consoles has prompted sales on the older PlayStation 4 bundles. Two hot offers popped up today on eBay Deals with a brand new condition PlayStation 4 console dropping to only $259.99. Another deal is the old Call of Duty: Black Ops III bundle dropping to $279.99 with free shipping. That same Black Ops 3 bundle can get even cheaper at Groupon if you make a new Groupon account and enter coupon code FIRST slashing the price to $269.99.

Xbox One Console Deals

Upcoming Xbox One S Consoles

On Monday this week we learned of Xbox One S Battlefield 1 console bundles. The 1TB "Military Green" Special Edition Console comes with the Early Enlister (early access) version of the game and is going for $349.99 releasing October 18. The 500GB Xbox One S Battlefield 1 console will release a few days later on the 21st and comes with only the Standard Edition for $299.99.

With the upcoming Battlefield 1 consoles running the same dollar cost as the existing 500GB Halo Collection and 1TB Madden NFL 17 bundles deals cropped up at Walmart. Both console bundles are getting two bonuses: a 4K Movie of your choice AND an extra Wireless controller of your choice (multiple color options).

Which Console Deal Looks Better?

It's good to see both sides of the PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One war are getting deals for their new consoles. Already newly announced console bundles are prompting sales on the old. This means Black Friday season should bring about plenty of fresh console deals from both the PS4 and Xbox One camp.

Which deals are better? The answer actually depends on which console you prefer, as it would be a moot point to recommend a PS4 deal when your heart is set on a Xbox One (or vice versa). We think if you don't care about a slimmer, smaller PlayStation 4 - picking up a $40 savings isn't a bad idea. But to be honest you should simply just wait and buy the PS4 Slim as there's just more upside to a newer hardware. For the upcoming 1TB PS4 FF XV bundle, we'll only suggest that for the die-hard Final Fantasy fans.

In the Xbox One S side, there's zero reason not to get the Walmart deals if you're planning to pick up an Xbox One S this week - particularly if Battlefield 1 won't be your game of your choice this Fall. After all, for the same price as the regular bundles being sold elsewhere ($299 and $349), you'll be able to pick up a free controller and a 4K movie of your choice. What's not to like about that?

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