The 10 Best Exclusive PlayStation Games Ever Made (According To Metacritic)

This list is basically ten reasons why you should get a PlayStation 4. These are known as some of the best games, but they are only on the PlayStation. You cannot get these on your Nintendo Switch, PC, or Xbox One!  These games exist to sell more of the consoles. In fact, exclusives are usually very good. If you see a game is exclusive for a certain console, then it is safe to assume that it will be a descent game.

So here are ten highest rated PlayStation exclusives according to Metacritic.

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10 Marvel's Spider-Man (Score: 87)

This game stands as not just one of the best PlayStation exclusives, but is now known as one of the best superhero games out there as well. There are a lot of dull Spider-Man games out there, so this one really jumped to greater heights. You play an experienced Peter Parker in New York City. The characters, combat, and story is stellar. The city seems limitless and the mechanics are known to be perfect.

9 Astro Bot: Rescue Mission (Score: 90)

This 2018 exclusive was developed the a virtual reality headset. You take control of a little robot, Astro, and set on a journey through space to rescue other robots. Critics say it the reason to get a PlayStation VR headset. Players say it is the best VR game they have ever played. The mechanics work great, the visuals are beautiful, and the levels are clear. The robot is also super cute and charming.

8 Bloodborne (Score: 92)

This action RPG is known to be a better Dark Souls. You explore the city of Yharnam which is full of cursed monsters, disease, and other horrors. You get to create a character and choose your weapons and try to uncover as many secrets as you can that the city has to offer. The only complaint critics have is that like Dark Souls, the game caters to those who do not mind extreme difficulty and repetitiveness. However, it seems enough people enjoy the challenge.

7 The Last Of Us (Score: 95)

Also known as one of the best zombie video games out there, The Last of Us captured many hearts with its story of a grizzled father figure and a young girl going on a journey together. Being a zombie game, the story is brutal and you see a lot of characters die. It is also a sneaking game, which creates a lot of realistic stress for a survival situation. The zombies are pretty cool too, as they were inspired by fungus.

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6 Persona 5 (Score: 93)

5 Horizon Zero Dawn (Score: 89)

A RPG with giant dinosaur-like robots? Yes please. This exclusive was a visual masterpiece, and had a lot of creativity put behind the world and its creatures. Critics loved the open world and combat most of all. Its postapocalypse sci-fi  world is a fascinating genre that usually draws in a lot of attention if done right, and they did it very right. You want to learn the backstory of the world and you want to explore as much of it as you can.

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4 God Of War (Score: 94)

God of War 4 may have gotten very popular partly for the same reason as The Last of Us did. We just love seeing grizzled old men with a little kid to protect and teach. However, Kratos already had many games behind him. He changed a lot since his hacking and slashing of Greek gods. Fans loved the change of character and to explore this new pantheon of gods. Also, as usual, the boss fights were memorable and the combat was awesome. The axe that you could throw and call back to you was particularly fun to work with.

3 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Score: 93)

2 Shadow Of the Colossus (Score: 91)

The original game was all the way back at the PlayStation 2,then was remastered for the PS3, and now the most recent version is for the PS4. It is a game that is a work of art and deserves to just be remastered over and over. Its soundtrack is amazing, the story is mysterious, and the climb and stab combat is awesome. While the company as also made The Last Guardian, its still the Shadow of the Colossus that takes the highest Metacritic ratings. Apparently even a cute chimera creature cannot beat Wander's battle against titan-sized creatures. The game is so loved, it will be no surprise to see it continue to get remasters.

1 Journey (Score: 92)

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