10 Best Piñatas in Viva Piñata, Ranked

The Viva Piñata series has produced two console titles, one handheld version and, for some reason, one party game. From this, there has been more than a small herd of piñatas to discover and tame.

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All these loveable little creatures can be mixed and matched to create a garden of your design. While all of the piñatas are great, some are better than the others. Some piñatas stand out, mostly because of cool design, but sometimes for practical reasons as well. These are the 10 best piñatas in Viva Piñata.

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10 Pengum

First found in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise the Pengum is native to the piñartic. These adorable little creatures love eating spicy food and Newtgats. They even require top hats and monocles for romancing, fully committing themselves to the "penguin suit" lifestyle.

Anyone who is a fan of penguins will find these creatures to fully satisfy the instinct to have one as a pet, Mr. Popper's Penguins style. The Pengums will always be the fanciest part of any garden, artic themed or otherwise.

9 Chippopotamus

Despite actually being horrifying creatures in real life, hippopotamuses have a reputation for being adorable and playful creatures. The Chippopotamus plays into that reputation, being a large docile creature.

While they require a ton of work to attract and make residents, including having a massive amount of water, they are extremely valuable and one of the more sought after piñatas in the game. You probably can't fit these massive creatures and their huge craniums in your main garden, but a side garden with one of these would be ideal.

8 Walrusk

The aquatic saber-tooth tiger, walruses are one of the few creatures left alive today that feels prehistoric in nature, with its massive front teeth. The Walrusk is a big blue piñata, only interested in gardens with a good amount of water and snow.

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While attracting and making them residents won't totally overtake your garden, it will take up a good chunk, if your other piñatas don't love water and snow too. While there isn't much use for those tusks in captivity, they are certainly a joy to look at.

7 Limeoceros

While the sour version of these creatures is nothing short of horrifying, the tamed version is incredibly adorable, with its big eyes and stumpy horn. While you will have to endure the sour Limeoceros destroying a couple of structures during the taming process, the end result is worth the wait.

Known to like Irish jig dancing, there is a lot to love of these piñatas. They will even run Professor Pester out fo your garden once they are residents. Be warned though, the image of the sour Limeoceros will haunt your dreams for a couple of days after seeing it.

6 Tigermisu

Depending on when you grew up, you probably imagine having a friend like Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes. While not a perfect replacement, the Tigermisu gets pretty close. The orange cat is built much like a stuffed animal but is much more vicious.

The Tigermisu fights with the Roario, the lion piñata, for the title of "king of the garden. It also needs to eat several small piñatas to become a resident but if you look away while it pulls the candy out of your piñatas and eats it, the Tigermisu is as adorable as they come.

5 Fizzlybear

When it comes to cartoon mascots, bears are one of the first animals that come to mind. The Fizzlybear takes the incredibly scary and dangerous grizzly bear and transforms it into an adorable orange and purple round bear.

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This bear is so cute and loves honey so much, that's it's one extra small red shirt away from living in the 100-acre woods. They also throw Jiggies from Banjo-Kazooieanother animal-based game from developer Rare.

4 Fourheads

What do you get when you cross snakes with two generations of medical malpractice? A four-headed snake and a dented shovel. The Fourheads piñata is a snake with four heads which is as delightful to look at as it sounds. While the piñata itself is amazing the process to get a Fourheads is, special.

After romancing the base Syrupeny snake, you must wack the egg with a shovel right before it hatches, giving you the two-headed snake, Twingersnaps. After that attempted felony, the process needs to be repeated with the Twingersnaps egg, resulting in a fun four-headed monstrosity.

3 Pigxie

On the topic of science experiments that would probably result in jail time, the Pigxie is a pig that can fly. This winged bacon stockpile is an insult to nature and most deities in the best way possible. To acquire such a creature you need a Swanana, a Rashberry and a strong stomach.

After crafting having the mystery house built, the pair of romance ready piñatas will enter the home to create a monstrosity. Everything about this piñata is bonkers and endearing.

2 Dragonache

Dragons and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly. So to have a majestic winged beast as a piñata just makes sense. This special piñata cannot be found in the wild, instead, its egg must be retrieved from the mine, adding to its sense of whimsy.

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The dragon comes in a variety of colors, dependant on what type of surface the egg is on when it hatches, which can only happen if a Cluckles sits on it. After that, it won't mature without a shopping list of items to eat but at the end of that epic quest, you have your very own dragon.

1 Choclodocus

There are very few things on the list of things cooler than dragons and dinosaurs are on that list. The Choclodocus is one of the most difficult piñatas to acquire but it is worth all of the effort because dinosaurs are rad. Bringing an amber, gotten out of the well for putting 9,999 coins in for the first time, and three bones together can create a dinosaur egg.

The bones can be purchased from the store or unearthed from the mine depending on the color, which changes the appearance of the resulting Choclodocus. It gives maximum happiness to any piñata you tell it to interact with, but who cares, the dinosaurs are cool enough.

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