The Best Mods for Fallout 4 on Xbox One

Fallout 4 Best Console Modifications

Now that Bethesda has introduced modifications to Fallout 4 on the Xbox One, we take a look at the best modifications currently available for download.

Now that Bethesda has fully introduced mods to Fallout 4 for Xbox One, gamers from the platform are quickly finding a growing library of modifications to choose from. Since console-based Fallout 4 players are limited to 2GB of modification downloads, we thought we might offer some assistance as players prioritize which modifications to download first. Thus, we've compiled a list of the best modifications currently available on the Xbox One platform.

We've taken the liberty of divvying these modifications up into three categories. The first batch is comprised of the essentials, which every mod-happy Xbox One gamer should have. The second batch lists cosmetic modifications, which are the best and brightest of a glowing collection of custom outfits and weapons. Last but not least is the content, which represents modifications which add brand new quests, characters and locations to the game.

Without further ado, here are the best modifications for Fallout 4 on Xbox One.

The Essentials

The Cheat Menu

Fallout 4 Console Mod Cheat Menu

Since achievements are out the window when modifications are turned on anyway, why not take the ball and run with it? The Cheat Menu lets gamers do everything from give themselves caps, ammunition, and items, to even becoming invincible, changing the weather, and unlocking perks at the click of a button. By now, most gamers have already fought their way across the commonwealth and back, and this modification lets console users have some fun with it.

The creator of the modification plans to add clothes and weapons to the spawn menu in the near future, and has already updated the mod several times. For those looking to forego worrying about health or those simply wishing they could fly through the sky, this is one simple modification that can't be missed.

Snap'n Build

Fallout 4 Console Mods Settlement Building

Dedicated console gamers have spent plenty of time building magnificent settlements already, but one of the most frustrating aspects Fallout 4 is the fact that the settlement building menu doesn't allow gamers to utilize many of the title's assets. With the appropriately named Snap'n Build, Xbox One-based gamers will find a new menu under the structures menu during settlement construction, and that little submenu will change the way that console gamers build forever.

Simply put, the Snap'n Build modification adds tons of new building materials and items so that gamers can customize their settlements to a much deeper extent. From luxurious railings to more lore-friendly rusty interiors, this modification is a builder's dream. Even before the release of the Creation Kit, PC users were scrambling to produce similar modifications on the PC platform, and we expect this modification will get plenty of attention from like-minded Xbox One builders.

Avid builders might also enjoy crafting their own weapons and ammunition, which can be done with a separate modification here.

Placeable NPCs

Fallout 4 Console Mods Spawn Enemies

We've often covered the large-scale battles that Fallout 4 PC fans are fond of creating, and now console gamers can finally join in on the fun with the Placeable NPCs modification. With over 450 different NPC types capable of being deployed, the world is anyone's oyster with this havoc-causing modification. Want to try and spawn 20,000 death claws? No problem.

Players have the option of making each NPC either friendly or non-friendly, so those looking to their own personal Liberty Prime should look no further. The NPCs will roam around after being spawned, and the modification even supports the Automatron and Wasteland Workshop DLC. It's an essential mod for those looking to truly change the console experience, as giving players the ability to craft their own battles lets them experience Fallout 4 in an entirely new manner.

We also enjoyed the Toybox modification, which allows players to spawn miniature enemies and watch them duke it out on a smaller scale.

Full Dialogue

Fallout 4 Console Mod Full Dialogue

At long last, the Full Dialogue modification has arrived to consoles. As we previously reported, Full Dialogue replaces the paraphrasing system that Bethesda utilized in Fallout 4, bringing the series back to its roots with a full-fledged dialogue system that displays exactly what each response will bring forth from the Sole Survivor. The modification even includes tonal notes in brackets, so players are warned if any of the responses are sarcastic, angry, or in any way emotional.

The modification is one of the most popular items on the PC marketplace, with almost half a million confirmed downloads. We have little doubt that its popularity will continue on the Xbox One, especially since the full dialogue system was a staple feature of the older titles. There's no shortage of dialogue to be heard in Fallout 4, making this mod essential for those who don't want to change to Bethesda's new conversation system.

The Cosmetic

Commonwealth Cuts

Fallout 4 Console Mod Haircuts

One of the few downsides to Fallout 4 is that Bethesda didn't exactly bundle the title with plenty of cosmetic haircut options for either gender. The aptly named Commonwealth Cuts modification fixes this issue, giving players plenty of stylistic and unique options. Boasting a library of over 170 different haircuts for both men and women, this will give gamers who never found an appealing default haircut a second chance to walk into the wasteland either looking like their real-life counterpart, or the only person in the commonwealth who has the caps to afford mountains of ancient hair product.

Unfortunately, the modification does come with some downsides: gamers who want to rock a Commonwealth Cut will find that wearing hats becomes a messy affair with the custom hairstyles, and those who play around with custom facial measurements in the beginning of the game will discover that not every haircut will properly affix itself to every noggin. Still, this is by far and away the best cosmetic haircut modification available on the Xbox One, and is well worth a download.


Fallout 4 Console Mods Lightsabers

Due to legal reasons, this weapon modification refers to itself as a 'lazer sabers' modification, though we have to imagine fans of Star Wars will find a certain appeal to it. This modification is already huge on PC, so it comes to no surprise that it was quickly ported over for gamers playing on the Xbox One.

This modification will allow for players to collect and utilize various lightsabers across the commonwealth, and boasts a selection of over eleven different colors for those who wish to find the lightsaber that is just right for them. Though NPCs lack the capability of appropriately wielding the weapons and parrying blows, the lightsaber modification features usable weapons and appropriate sound effects, with the plasma blades even emitting a color-specific light when players enter combat in darkness.

There are plenty of high-profile weapon mods finding their way to the Xbox. We also like the and MK14 EBR the Alien Assault Rifle.

Standalone Construction Power Armor

Fallout 4 Console Mods Power Armor

Here's one piece of Power Armor that gamers won't find with the rest of them: an incredible-looking construction set of Power Armor. With a look somewhere between a mech and the Work Loader from Aliens, this custom power armor is perfect for those looking to test their mettle in style. Stats-wise, the frames are somewhere between the T-51 and T-60 sets, and the modification creator even lets gamers customize the armor further by implimenting various paint options for the individual frame pieces.

The vast Boston Commonwealth is hiding 3 full sets of this power armor around the map, though it'll up to players to find them. It's worth noting that this modification requires the Automatron DLC to work, so gamers who didn't shell out for the Season Pass will need to spend a few bucks to access the cool set of armor.

Simply looking for additional power armor paint options? There's a mod for that, too.

The Content

Conquest: Build New Settlements and Camping

Fallout 4 Console Mods New Settlements

The Boston Commonwealth has a big frontier vibe, but nothing says frontier like the ability to stamp your foot on the ground and declare a barren wasteland a new home. That's exactly what Conquest does, and it does it well; players can finally found their own settlements, which need to start off as a small campsite before growing into a bona-fide community that will attract new settlers. Finally, we can build our own town in the middle of a deathclaw cave!

Designed by the author of the popular Frostfall mod for Skyrim, the polished modification even includes an in-game holotape that will guide players through the process of founding their own settlements. As icing on the cake, the automatically-generated names of settlements are named after the quality assurance engineers who worked on the game, which is the author's way of thanking them for their service.

Build Your Own Vault

Fallout 4 Console Mod Build Vault

As much fun as above-ground settlements are, nothing says Fallout like vaults, and this modification lets players build elevators to start off their own vault underground and craft it piece-by-piece until they have an underground labyrinth of their own. Vault 111 is nice, but sometimes one wants a vault which isn't the scene of any grizzly murders (yet). The Build Your Own Vault mod allows players to pop down an elevator at several existing settlements, which will then take players to their very own vault!

The ability to actually create underground vaults is an amazing feat for a console modification, and players can even assign settlers to become vault dwellers by commanding them to go to the elevator. Of course, the modification adds plenty of modular vault items into the build menu, and players will then be able to quickly snap-build their way to a shiny new vault. Once everything is set up, players can then begin deploying their very own horrendous brand of Vault-Tec experiments.

For those looking to explore a pre-built vault that comes with its own story, we highly recommend the Vault 111B mod as well.

A Cannibal In Concord

Fallout 4 Console Mods New Quests

One of the best quest additions to the game for both Xbox One and PC, A Cannibal In Concord is a horror-themed puzzle questline which forces players to drop the run-and-gun attitude of most default quests in favor of puzzle-based exploration. The title adds a new house in Concord, and players who dare enter through the door will find themselves amidst a story based off of real-life cannibal Albert Fish. It's all downhill from there.

The modification has several rooms to explore and a fair share of puzzles to solve, and even includes a variety of horrifying short stories. Some of them are productions of the modification's author, but others are quotes from Albert Fish himself, which makes things even creepier. To make things even more morbid, companions will wait outside when the player enters the building, forcing them to explore the building alone.

We'd also like to give honorable mentions to several other noteworthy modifications! Macho Claws replaces the infamous deathclaw with Macho Man Randy Savage, and it's just as unsettling as it sounds strange. Console gamers yearning for new audio content should also give the WRVR modification a listen, as it adds new music, professionally-recorded hosts, and even a DJ companion.

That's All, Folks

Some of these modifications certainly aren't the most popular downloads so far, but we stand by that they're certainly worth taking a chance on. Modifications have quickly become a huge hit among Xbox One gamers, and we look forward to watching the library of available content continue to grow.

Are there any modifications you're still looking to find on Fallout 4 for Xbox One, Ranters?

Fallout 4 is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. While the Xbox One recently opened itself up to modifications, PS4 gamers will have to wait until later this month to join the party.

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