10 Best Layered Armor Sets in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

In a recent update Monster Hunter World: Iceborne craftable layered armor was added into the game. Previously, layered armor could only be acquired from events. Now, low-rank armor can be crafted with materials gathered in the end game area, the Guiding Lands.

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Capcom has said that more armor sets will be added in future updates but the first round of armor already has plenty of gems in it. Hunters no longer have to choose function over fashion or vice versa for those crazy hunters out there. Here are the 10 best layered-armors available right now.

10 Hunter Beta

The classic hunter look in Monster Hunter World is the stylish leather look of the Hunter outfit. It's one of the default armors that can be picked at the start of the game. The beta version has a certain style to it that just edges out the alpha version.

Can't go with the basic version right? The battle skirts and fun hats make the Hunter outfits a great look and it's a joy to rock the classic style while taking down master rank monster hunts. A wonderful pick for those with a classic taste.

9 Vespoid

Most people would not look at large bugs and think "wow those are so cool they would make a great set of armor" but the Vespoid armor set is much cooler than the creatures it comes from.

The weird brown and yellow armor resembles a shell, much like a bug, and a single horn for the male armor and two goofy side horns for the female version. The armor is very bizarre looking but in a very endearing type of way, transforming your hunter into a weird bug knight, right out of a Pixar film.

8 Leather

Another Monster Hunter World classic armor set the leather also is a stylish and simplistic set. With how crazy and outlandish the master rank armor sets get, it's nice to be able to don a simplistic style for combat.

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The Leather set also features very few differences between the male and female versions, the only notable difference being the male version has leggings/pants and the female version doesn't. It gives a very official feeling to the monster hunting that can get lost with some of the more over the top armor sets.

7 Hornetaur

Capcom knows how to make bug armor just look awesome. This Voltron looking armor set is bulky, pointy and just downright loud. It features a very simple color palette of dark green with hints of red to contrast with the over the top style.

It envokes the style of fairy tale knights in ridiculously big armor preparing to take down a massive dragon of some kind. In stark contrast to the simpler Leather and Hunter armor sets the Hornetaur set commits to the ridiculous video game armor ideology of being so aggressively impractical that it is phenomenal.

6 Kulu-Ya-Ku

There are a few armor sets in Monster Hunter World with very Middle-Eastern influences and the Kulu-Ya-Ku is one of those sets. The "armor" looks like an outfit that should be worn on an adventure to raid a pyramid of some kind and the female set very dancer inspired.

The armor is very clearly designed for a desert environment and has a distinct style, much more so than other armor sets. Any master level hunts in the Wildspire Waste you should equip this layered set to really blend into the environment.

5 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku

The Tzitzi-Ya-Ku armor has a ridiculous style, like an exaggerated version of a Castlevania character's outfit. It's got some great blue accents based on the color of the monster it's based on. It also features the most ridiculous set of blue horns for both versions of the armor that are just top-tier ridiculous.

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On the scale of insane Monster Hunter World armor sets this one goes pretty high because the design is infinitely more focused on having a high-level fashion over anything else.

4 Thermae

The Thermae armor set was not added in the recent update but instead was craftable from the very start in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion. The layered armor for both genders and is just the outfit that gets worn in the Hot Springs in the new hub area of Seliana.

The idea of just hunting massive and incredibly dangerous monsters in a glorified bathrobe is hilarious and also makes your hunter just radiate confidence.

3 Pukei-Pukei Alpha

The Pukei-Pukei Alpha armor is very stylish with its green hooded designs, like a cross between Assassin's Creed and Ewoks from Star Wars. Like it's the forest-dwelling monster of origin, the armor embodies the forest and nature that it comes from.

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The female version also sports some eyes on the top of the hood, creating an amusing face encompassing your hunter's face that is very cute and delightful. The armor feels like almost the natural progression of the Hunter armor like the Pukei-Pukei part was just layered on top of it.

2 Tobi-Kadachi

The Tobi-Kadachi armor is very high class in its style. The elegant coat and fancy hat on the female version and the very interesting hat/helmet on the male version just extrude elegance. The armor would be more at place in a gala than on a monster hunt which is part of the reason why the armor set is just so great.

The heavy coat style also fits in very well with the Iceborne expansion since it just looks very warm. It may not portray the electricity normally present in the Tobi-Kadachi but it does show off its excellent fur.

1 Radobaan Beta

The best layered-armor currently available in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the Radobaan Beta without question. The armor set is a glorified Power Rangers villain and makes it so incredibly special.

The bulky bone armor with the black helmets is very cartoonish in its style in the best way possible. The armor set features some ridiculous spikes coming out of it that just cannot be practical in any capacity but are super stylish, which is the purpose of layered armor. It also has the tracker bugs container located on the belt buckle which is a fantastic spot.

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