The 10 PS3 Hidden Gems Everyone Missed

Throughout history, every video game system has a handful of huge hits that are memorable. These are the games that become iconic. The PlayStation had Tomb Raider. Nintendo 64 had Super Mario 64. Xbox had Halo. The PlayStation 3 had Grant Theft Auto V. But what about those games that flew under the radar? The ones that everyone slept on?

That's what we're here to discuss. We're looking through the run of the PlayStation 3 as one of the greatest video game platforms of all time and finding the best hidden gems. The games that most people overlooked even though they were good, for one reason or another. These are the 10 that we feel were the best of that bunch.

10 Bulletstorm

It's always a shame when you find a game that is well received by critics, yet is a commercial failure. That was unfortunately the case with 2011's Bulletstorm. First-person shooters were all the rage around that time but that proved to be an issue for Bulletstorm. It was a market filled with similar games and this got overlooked.

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This one mixed in elements of the combat you knew from other games within the genre but did so with a twist. It was chock full of crude humor. That was evident in the profanity, abundance of violence, and creative kills. Bulletstorm got positive reviews, yet a lot of its style was met with controversy.

9 Dragon's Crown

Role-playing games are a niche genre. If you enjoy these kinds of games, you love them and if you don't care for them, you are going to avoid them. For a game in this genre to stick out, it has to be something like the Final Fantasy franchise. Dragon's Crown didn't have that success but was still a strong game.

This 2013 release allowed players to work in groups of four as they traveled through dangerous locations like labyrinths and dungeons. They could seek out fortune and engage in battle against dangerous enemies. It is a game that mixes role-playing elements with a side-scrolling beat 'em up.

8 Spec Ops: The Line

Similar to Bulletstorm, there was a chance that this third-person shooter got overlooked in a crowded field. This genre is a popular one with some juggernauts dominating the sales charts. In 2012, 2K's Spec Ops: The Line, may have been better than most of those more famous entries.

The biggest knock on this game was a lack of innovation. It still delivered strong gameplay elements, an interesting plot where the protagonist experiences hallucinations, and some impressive graphics. Spec Ops: The Line racked up accolades like Best Narrative and Best Cinematography.

7 ModNation Racers

Go-kart style racing games aren't seen as often as you'd expect. That's probably because popular characters such as Mario and Crash Bandicoot have cornered the market on the genre. But every once in a while, something comes along that can compete with those powerhouses. ModNation Racers did just that.

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Released in 2010, ModNation Racers was unique in how it shared a similar concept to LittleBigPlanet. It allowed players to create, modify, and share their created content with everyone else engaged in the game. The solo play and the online multiplayer were praised by pretty much everyone who tried it.

6 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

We're back with another role-playing game. The Legends of Heroes franchise has always kind of flown under the radar but it is a long-running series. The first installment arrived way back in 1989. The Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel was entry number 11 in series history.

Hitting shelves in 2013 in Japan and 2015 in North America, this game has an intriguing plot. It deals with themes of segregation based on social class and a power struggle within a school. It received widespread acclaim and was up for several Game of the Year Awards.

5 Castle Crashers

For some reason, beat 'em up games are among those that are most often overlooked. It's a shame because it's a genre that you can usually have a ton of fun with. Castle Crashers ranks near the top in terms of the most enjoyable games within that genre. Arriving for the PS3 in 2010, it may have improved upon the original Xbox 360 release.

Castle Crashers is set in medieval times in a universe where an evil wizard kidnaps four princesses and holds them captive. Four knights, which are the characters you control, are tasked with rescuing the princess and retrieving the mystical gem that was stolen. It all sets the stage for a great time. A remastered version was recently released for current-gen systems.

4 Fat Princess

The PlayStation Network is a great place to discover hidden gems. That's where you'll find Fat Princess which is just the kind of game that you might expect to get overlooked. The name doesn't jump at you and it didn't feature realistic or overly impressive graphics. Those who played it understood how great it was.

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Fat Princess was released way back in 2009 and was a real-time strategy game. You get to engross yourself in chaotic 16-on-16 team battles in games like Catch the Flag, soccer, or things that are a bit more violent. It remains one of the most fun games available on the PlayStation Network.

3 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a 2010 adventure game that is loosely adapted from the novel Journey to the West. In it, over a century has passed from a global war that put the world in a post-apocalyptic state. A few humans remain as well as some violent machines from the war. With the makers of another hidden gem, Heavenly Sword, behind this, it's n wonder it fits in that category.

Originally conceived as a CGI movie, the stunning graphics aren't a surprise to anyone. Though sales were poor enough to put a stop on the idea for a sequel. Even with those poor sales, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was nominated for several awards including Adventure Game of the Year and it took home Best Game at the UK Writers Guild Awards.

2 The Unfinished Swan

Sometimes, you see a game and you understand why it wasn't a massive success. That's the case with The Unfinished Swan. Now that's to say that it isn't a good game because it's actually one of the best available for the PlayStation 3. It's just such a unique experience that it might not attract a casual gamer.

Released in 2012 and developed by Giant Sparrow, The Unfinished Swan told an interesting story that hadn't been seen in games before. Following the death of his mother, a young boy keeps one of her 300 unfinished paintings and it's of a swan missing its neck. He is drawn into a mysterious painted world where the game takes place. It's a visual masterpiece that more people should have tried out.

1 Tokyo Jungle

Traditionally, the games that get overlooked and become hidden gems are the ones that are high concept. They feature gameplay elements and ideas that are seemingly unusual. Tokyo Jungle is a 2012 survival action game that sees the massive Japanese city turned into a wildlife wasteland.

In this game, humans have been extinct for a decade and animals are left to fend for themselves and basically run things. Instead of controlling a typical protagonist, you play as various animals including a tiger and a pomeranian. You may not find a more unique video game anywhere, but you'll be glad you gave it a shot.

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