Best Halloween In-Game Events of 2017

pokemon go halloween 2017 event

The end of October is approaching, which means it's time to celebrate the spooky, scary holiday in all of our favorite video games. The week leading up to Halloween is full if lots of in-game events and limited items that bring the spirit of the holiday into lots of service-based games. There isn't enough time to play through all of the Haloween events, so here's a list of our favorites to concentrate on.

Everything from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to Guild Wars 2 seems to have a Halloween event in the works this year, but we managed to trim our list down to the top five...

5 Overwatch

Overwatch Halloween event Easter eggs

The Halloween Terror event is back in Overwatch for the second year. This event adds special loot boxes to the game that offer the chance to get some season appropriate skins for many of the game's characters. There are also special game modes to explore during the span of the Terror event. The event runs through November 1, so be sure to start cracking those loot boxes open as soon as possible.

4 Pokemon GO

pokemon go halloween generation 3 capture flee rate

Last year's Halloween event was actually the first Pokemon GO event to take place. A year later the game has come a long way and lots of changes have arrived, but players are back to earning double candy during the rest of October. In addition to the bonus candy, Niantic also used the holiday as an opportunity to release the first batch of Gen-3 Pokemon. There are increased chances to spot spooky creatures during the event and scary Gen-3 Pokemon should be popping up around Stops, Gyms, and nests near you. Get out there and catch 'em all!

3 Final Fantasy 14


MMOs are always looking for an excuse to celebrate a holiday and Final Fantasy 14 is no exception. The All Saint's Wake event is underway and players can currently login and visit the Continental Circus. Completing the event activities offers players a chance at seasonal loot; including a pretty amazing werewolf head.

2 World of Warcraft


The citizens of Azeroth love trick or treating, so players can expect the usual candy buckets to be scattered at inns and capital cities throughout the massive World of Warcraft. As always, players should also have a number of chances to hunt down the headless horseman with a group of friends to earn special loot and rewards. Check the in-game calendar for specific dates on each holiday activity.

1 Minecraft

Creative gamers out there may decide to spend some of the holiday in the world of Minecraft. The Halloween Spectacular has loads of activities for both PvE and PvP players including unique quests, locations, and items. Oh, and lots of pumpkin heads.

Those games should all offer more than enough activities to kill the time between now and November 1. Which game do you plan to kill the most time in this month? It won't be long before winter holiday events start to arrive in just a few weeks, so save some energy for all of the additional events and loot coming in the near future!

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