10 Pre-Existing PC Mods We Want in 'Grand Theft Auto 5'

Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods

Grand Theft Auto 5 is finally set to make its PC debut later this month, and one of the most exciting things about the best-selling game coming to computers is that gamers will be free to create limitless modifications. Creative mods provide the intangible benefit of drastically improving a game's longevity, and with Grand Theft Auto 5 providing a beautiful world to wreak destruction in, we decided to compile a list of ten currently-existing Grand Theft Auto 4 modifications we'd like to see make the trek over to Grand Theft Auto 5.

This list does not count graphic mods like ENB Graphics Enhancer and other texture enhancement packs, because not only is it already a given that everyone would want it, but because the base game itself is already so gorgeous, we'd rather focus on modifications that change the gameplay or feel of the game beyond a graphical improvement. Without further ado, let's delve into the top ten modifications we'd like to see transition to Grand Theft Auto 5!

Be A Cop

Grand Theft Auto 5 Police Mod

Turning the tables around on standard GTA gameplay, the The Liberty City Police Squad: First Response mod lets players play as a police officer. While patrolling the beat in their squad car, players can do everything from issue citations for traffic violations to respond to calls for shootings, domestic violence and field all kinds of calls that police would respond to. Players can also have a partner, who will ride along and provide backup as each situation unfolds.

It's hard to predict what can happen as players check the trunks of vehicles, run scans on license plates and check for existing warrants, but the mod can jump from mundane shift to unexpected shootout in a second, and delivers an interesting perspective for a game where cops are traditionally seen as the enemy. We'd love to form a highway patrol down the rural roads of Los Santos.

Play As Spider-Man

Grand Theft Auto 5 Spiderman Mod

The Spider-Man Mod has it all - wonky physics, throwing cars, and web-slinging your way across the city. Los Santos may not be all sprawling towers in the way Liberty City is, but the simple act of getting from one point in the city to another is made ten times better when done via web shots. The iconic Marvel superhero can deliver a powerful punch, and we'd love to see how grappling through Los Santos would compare to games like Just Cause.

The Batmobile

Grand Theft Auto 5 Batmobile Mod

The Batmobile is one of the most well-known and coolest sci-fi vehicles of all time, but the Grand Theft Auto version boasts a few additions that might not coincide with Batman's "No Killing" mentality. Featuring rockets, a minigun, and droppable bombs, this is one vehicle that we could picture Trevor excitedly shuffling into.

Zombie Invasion

Grand Theft Auto 5 Zombie Mod

If Red Red Redemption can have an official zombie outbreak, why can't the residents of Los Santos get to experience the joys of a zombie epidemic? There's plenty of existing zombie modifications out there already, but the Zombiez Mod is our favorite way to watching the apocalypse unfold.

If anyone is wondering how Trevor would react to a zombie invasion, it's a question for the ages - and one we hope will be answered by intrepid modders soon after the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC.

Play As Iron Man

Grand Theft Auto 5 Iron Man

Iron Man ensures that there's more than one Super Hero on the list, and this mod comes with more than the ability to fly around and deliver hefty punches - the mod includes the Stark Tower, and within it gamers can select from a huge variety of different suits and vehicles. There's also a custom heads-up display for flights, and we can only imagine how fantastic it'd be to fly around and enjoy the sights of Los Santos. Hopefully, those dreams become a reality - the wacky politics of Grand Theft Auto 5 seem like a place where Tony Stark would find himself right at home.

Simple Trainer

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

Trainers are third party applications that allow gamers to manipulate the game through a series of hotkeys. In the realm of Grand Theft Auto, trainers do everything from enabling invincibility to teleporting to predetermined locations, and can even allow the player to spawn any type of vehicle at any time. Los Santos is a veritable playground from Mount Chilead all the way to Grove Street, and the Simple Trainer would be a welcome addition for PC gamers just looking to cause some havoc in a truly sandbox style.

The Bodyguard Mod

Grand Theft Auto 5 Bodygaurd Mod

Who wouldn't want an army of goons to obey their every command? The Bodyguard Mod allows gamers to spawn a large number of personal bodyguards, along with choosing what weapons they spawn with and what character skin they'll use.

Whether it's an army of rocket launcher-wielding Trevors or a questionable knife-equipped stripper army, this mod lets players turn any shootout into a complete and total warzone. Imagine a brutal 5-star standoff against the army as your personal bodyguards keep spawning with assault rifles in never-ending combat, before a ton of you pile into an SUV blasting guns out the window during a daring getaway.

A Realism Mod

Grand Theft Auto 5 Realism Mod

Grand Theft Auto 4 had a mod called Viva New York which replaced all the fake banners and advertisements with their real-life counterparts, which Rockstar frequently makes fun of (see the above parody of the iPhone). It also replaced the taxis, police cars and city service vehicles with their authentic New York counterparts, and really gave Liberty City the full Empire State makeover - especially when it came to Times Square. Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, and we'd love to see a mod which would make us feel like we're cruising through the golden state.

 More Detailed Crime

Grand Theft Auto 5 Crime Mod

If you didn't know, Grand Theft Auto is based on crime, and we question how you've made it this far into the list without knowing that. The Crime Pays mod really allows gamers to delve into the basics of nefarious activities, selling stolen cars on the black market and dealing drugs on the side, all the while avoiding warrants for arrest and squadcars who could identify your plates as stolen or search you for drugs. It's a simple addition to the game, but with Trevor literally being a meth dealer, Michael having a penchant for old school roadsters, and Franklin originally hustling the streets, we think a mod like this would be right at home in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Play As A Giraffe. Seriously.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Giraffe Mod

It takes a special kind of mod to make both our Top 5 Unintionally Scary Modifications list along with this one, but the Giraffe Mod does just that. Creepily flopping and trotting their way around, the giraffe mod is exactly what it sounds like - you can play as a giraffe. That's it. What more do you need?

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions of the game introduced peyote-inspired drug trips where players control a random animal, so this modification may not be too far-fetched. If robbing a bank while being a giraffe isn't on your bucket list, well...there's probably reasonable, but at least just imagine how ridiculously awesome it would be. We can only hope that someone delivers, and we can live the dream.

What do you think about the ten listed modifications? Are there any you feel should have been included, or would you be satisfied with all of the above appearing in Grand Theft Auto 5?

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