10 Intimidating God Of War Cosplays

God of War has changed a lot since its most recent game, and that has inspired a lot more cosplay. Obviously, the number one character that is cosplayed from the series is Kratos. While he is one man, cosplayers have a lot of outfits and looks to choose from. Some go a little more creative and gender bend his character. There are sprinkles of other characters from the series that fans cosplay, most notably his son Atreus (which could be the best father-son cosplay possible).

So here are ten cosplays inspired from the God of War series.

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10 Female Kratos

This cosplay was done by the well-known cosplayer Lindsay Elyse. She has done tons of cosplay including Elsa from Frozen, Saix from Kingdom Hearts, a vault dweller from Fallout, Loki from Thor, and so much more.

She can pull off any character it seems, even Kratos. She is one of a couple gender-bent Kratos on this list. It is very interesting to see how different women translate his character to a female.

9 Realistic Kratos

This muscular cosplayer looks intimidating all on his own. He has the perfect body for a realistic Kratos cosplay. The man dressed as Kratos is a bodybuilder goes by Vitaliy and the photography was done by Alex Wolf Cosplay.

The costume and design was by Sokol. That goes to show that perfection can take a lot of different minds. The photography done by Alex Wolf particularly focuses on Kratos' emotions, and Vitaliy really delivered on the look.

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8 Model Kratos

This cosplayer practically looks CGI. This may be because she is a professional model with a geeky side. She goes by Octokuro and is no stranger to photo-shoots. Her Instagram has a lot of pin-up versions of different characters such as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, Major Kusanagi from Ghost in Shell, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, and much more.

The outfit was made by Plastic Armory and the character design was inspired by Shädbase comics.

7 Genderbent Kratos

We cannot get enough female versions of Kratos. This one was done by cosplayer Dangrrr Doll. Besides doing cosplay, she is an award-winning burlesque performer.

She is pretty renowned, having been featured on other publications like College Humor, Kotaku,, and Time Out NY. Unlike the other cosplayers, she was not afraid to go a little blonde on the ends of her hair. She is just another great example of why you do not need a beard to be a badass.

6 Valkyrie

This character piece is definitely not for the fainthearted cosplayer. They are not easy to get to know in the game either, as they are optional and very difficult bosses. None of this deterred Raahega Cosplay from completing this look.

The costume took eight months to complete. The cosplayer shared on Reddit that it was also difficult to wear. She could only have it on for 15 minutes at a time with the wings on. Now that's dedication! She also hand-made it all. Every detail is exquisite from the etchings on the wings to the form of the mask. Her description of herself on Instagram certainly sums up her cosplay. She wrote "I like to torture myself with big winged builds."

5 Freya

Freya is one of the few female characters the series has to offer. She helps Kratos in the most recent game but turns villain the end but she definitely has her reasons. The photo is of a Norwegian cosplayer that goes by Ibelinn Cosplay. She has also done Alloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Hermione from Harry Potter, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Anastasia from Anastasia, Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, and more.

Not only does she pull off Freya's look perfectly, she also made the costume herself!

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4 Pandora

Only the more veteran God of War players remember Pandora from the third main story game. She is one of the major reasons Kratos moved to Norway. Through her, we saw that Kratos does have a soft spot for kids. Despite that though, she did sacrifice herself at the end of the game in order to open Pandora's Box. She was one of the few characters in the series who seemed to actually have faith in Kratos.

The cosplayer is Calista Cosplay. Her past cosplays include Raven from Teen Titans, Mavis from Hotel Transylvania, Spider Gwen, Kirin from Monster Hunter, and more.

3 Kratos And Atreus

According to Reddit, this photo was taken at a Lazio vs Rome sports game. So unlike a lot of the other cosplays on this list, these cosplayers were not located at a convention or formal photo-shoot.  It was also before the 4th game even came out, so that is very ambitious. Unfortunately, the cosplayers are unknown.

Since the most recent game though, Kratos and Atreus are the ultimate father-son cosplays.

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2 Miss Sinister Kratos

Genderbent Kratos does not have to keep their hair. The cosplayer goes by Miss Sinister and she has done a number of badass characters such as an original character Sith from Star Wars, Captain Marvel, Carmilla from Castlevania, Jack from Mass Effect, and more. As her cosplay name implies, Miss Sinister has an affinity for dressing up as characters who are typically more on the dark side.

Kratos is definitely known as one of those characters with a major dark side. It looks like a lot of her cosplay was inspired by his earlier games when he was angrier and less wise.

1 Insain Kratos

Similar to the style of Miss Sinister's Kratos, this cosplay was done by Insain Elven Maiden.  She is a cosplayer from Russia who has also dressed as a hit-man nun, The Lodger from The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog, Lilith from Darksiders, Hela from the Thor Marvel comics, and more.

While she and Miss Sinister have the same style of a bald gender-bent Kratos, they do have little differences that make them unique. This one added on earrings and is using different swords.

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