10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2017

10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2017 - Days Gone, Call of Duty: WW2, The Last of Us: Part 2

E3 is always one of the most exciting times of the year for gamers, and E3 2017 should be no exception. Kicking off this Saturday, June 10th with EA's press conference, the show will run until June 15th, with plenty of high profile games sure to be given the spotlight over the course of the week.

When E3 2017 begins, there should be no shortage of heavy hitters on display from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and more. While there are sure to be a number of exciting games at the event, though, the 10 following games in particular all stand a chance at stealing the show.

10 Assassin's Creed


We don't have much official information on 2017's Assassin's Creed game, except for the fact that it exists and is due for release later this year. It appears as though Ubisoft is keeping the game under wraps for a big reveal at E3, but some leaks have suggested that its full title will be Assassin's Creed Origins, it will take place in Egypt, and its protagonist will be named Ba Yek. Other rumors have teased that the game will abandon both multiplayer and naval combat, suggesting that this year's Assassin's Creed may signal a return to the franchise's roots.

9 Call of Duty: WW2


Sledgehammer Games has already revealed the single player portion of Call of Duty: WW2, and so far the game has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response. However, the bread and butter of the Call of Duty franchise has almost always been its multiplayer, and so all eyes will be on Call of Duty: WW2 at E3 to see if the multiplayer can generate as much excitement as the single player campaign.

8 Crackdown 3

As it stands, it seems like Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference will mostly focus on Project Scorpio, but that doesn't mean it will be free of games. Fans can expect to see some big name Xbox One console exclusives on display, including the likes of Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3 is promising a level of destructibility that we haven't really seen in gaming before, and it will be exciting to see if it can pull it off while also delivering a compelling open world experience.

7 Days Gone

Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2017 - Days Gone zombies

One of the big surprises at last year's E3 was the reveal of a brand new IP called Days Gone from Sony Bend, the studio behind the Syphon Filter franchise. Days Gone is a third-person open world game where the world has been ravaged by terrifying hordes of fast-moving, zombie-like creatures. With seemingly thousands of zombies on-screen at one time, Days Gone looks to be an impressive technical achievement, and PS4 owners should be excited to see more of what the game has to offer come Sony's press conference at E3.

6 Death Stranding

Death Stranding's Multiplayer Will Be 'Something Different' - Mads Mikkelsen

[UPDATE: It seems we included this title on our list of most anticipated games at E3 2017 prematurely, as Hideo Kojima just now confirmed on Twitter that Death Stranding won't be at E3 2017.]

Death Stranding hasn't been confirmed for E3, but considering the close relationship between the new Kojima Productions and Sony, it seems likely that it will have an appearance at the show. If Death Stranding is shown at E3, hopefully fans get more answers about the game's mysterious story, and if they're lucky, the first look at gameplay. It would also be nice to learn definitively whether there was ever any truth to the Emma Stone casting rumors that cropped up a few months back.

5 Destiny 2

Following a big gameplay reveal in May, Destiny 2 is sure to have a major presence at this year's E3 event. Activision and Bungie have already revealed plenty about the upcoming RPG/shooter hybrid, but there's still a lot left for fans to discover. Those that want to see more of Destiny 2 in action should be sure to tune in to Sony's press conference, as Destiny has had a consistent presence at Sony's portion of the show over the last few years.

4 God of War


Another game to watch for during Sony's press conference is the God of War soft reboot. While it doesn't abandon the events that came before it, the new God of War is taking Kratos in a much different direction, giving him a wider range of emotions and adding his son to the mix. The game is also trading Greek mythology for Norse mythology, which should allow for fresh enemy types and new weapons for players to master.

There's already an enormous ad for the game in Los Angeles, so while Sony hasn't formally announced that it will be at the show, E3 attendees should be able to count on seeing more of Kratos' next adventure come Monday.

3 Spider-Man

Ratchet & Clank studio Insomniac Games has been entrusted with Spider-Man, and we know next to nothing about the game so far, which makes its potential E3 appearance even more exciting. Hopefully this year's E3 will give fans a look at some actual in-game footage, along with plot details and features fans can look forward to when the web-slinger's next game finally hits store shelves.

2 Super Mario Odyssey


With Nintendo forgoing a traditional press conference yet again, the extent of the Big N's presence at E3 is a bit of an unknown factor. However, we do know that Nintendo plans on hosting a Nintendo Direct presentation like it did last year, and this time it will be headlined by Super Mario Odyssey, the biggest Nintendo Switch exclusive game on the horizon. What we've seen of Super Mario Odyssey so far has been plenty impressive, but along with more gameplay footage, here's hoping that Nintendo also gives the highly anticipated game a release date come E3 next week.

1 The Last of Us: Part 2

the last of us 2 graphics

The Last of Us launched to rave reviews back in 2013, and fans have been waiting patiently for their chance to see what happens next to heroes Joel and Ellie. Set years after the end of the original game, rumors have been flying that The Last of Us: Part 2 features a dead Joel now that Ellie is the main playable character, though E3 might offer some clarification on that front and potentially put some of these rumors to rest.

10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2017 - E3 logo

These 10 games and many others are sure to make E3 2017 a can't-miss event for gamers. And while the games on this list are highly likely to be at E3 in some capacity, it's worth noting that the show is usually filled with surprises as well, meaning that the most exciting game at E3 might not even be announced yet.

Which game are you most looking forward to seeing at E3 2017? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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