This year’s E3 conference gave gamers plenty to talk about, both in terms of this fall’s big releases and a few titles still off in the distance. However, some developers went beyond general details about their games or providing quick trailers, and showed gamers their titles in action with gameplay demos. These are the moments every gamer looks forward to at E3.

We asked our writers what their favorite gameplay moments were from E3 and compiled the below list of the best ones we saw. There were no-doubt plenty more great gameplay demos, and we encourage our readers to share their favorites in the comment section.

Here’s our list of top 10 gameplay demos from E3 2015:

The Last Guardian

At long last, gamers finally got their first glimpse of The Last Guardian. While some gamers were convinced the game would spend a life in development hell, others knew in their hearts they would finally get the game. The gameplay for The Last Guardian was very simple, showing a young boy take on near-impossible obstacles with the help of his giant dog-like guardian.

Star Wars Battlefront

After EA first announced they were releasing a new Star Wars Battlefront game, gamers were begging for gameplay videos. These gamers were not left disappointed when EA finally showed off the first bit of gameplay during their E3 press conference, giving Star Wars fans a taste of the action.


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