The 10 Best Guns in Destiny 1.0

Destiny Best Weapons List

Well before Destiny hit store shelves, Bungie made a promise that their upcoming shooter would offer unique hand-crafted loot to each of its players. They said that each weapon would serve as a conversation piece, generating questions like "Where did you get that," and, "How good is that gun?" Then we actually played Destiny and found that was not really the case.

Sure, Destiny may not be overwrought with unique weapons, but it still has plenty of interestingly designed ones. There's literally a gun for any scenario, taste, or enemy, from low level players all the way up to veterans.

But, there exists among Destiny's myriad weapons a subset of high class guns that we believe should be in any player's arsenal. In fact, we can think of at least 10 weapons that are not just powerful but useful. Here are the top 10 guns in Destiny.

10. Red Death

Destiny Top Guns - Red Death

Before update 1.1.1, Red Death may have been an honorable mention for this list, if only because it can recharge players health while in Crota’s End. But after Bungie buffed pulse rifles, it has actually become a formidable weapon in any scenario. Where no one would have been caught dead using it in Crucible, Red Death is now capable of downing an enemy in just a few bursts.

Truly, though, the gun is on this list because of its health recharge and its increased effectiveness. There are obviously other ways to recharge health in Crota’s End aside from Red Death, but the pulse rifle offers the easiest option.

Signature Ability: Red Death

Who knew recharging health would be so important? Somebody must have, and that’s why Red Death was created.

9. Vex Mythoclast

Destiny Top Guns - Vex Mythoclast

At one point, the Vex Mythoclast was the Destiny. It was the most sought after and strongest weapon in the game, capable of taking out any enemy, PvP or PvE with just a few bullets. Since then the gun has seen several nerfs, but it’s still plenty strong regardless.

It makes our list, though, because it is a bounty completion machine. It kills low-level enemies fast, efficiently, and with minimal need to reload. Vex Mythoclast may have lost some of its glory, but everyone wants it and few regret using it.

Signature Ability: Crowd Control

It’s bad enough that the Vex Mythoclast shoots out fusion rifle rounds, but the fact that it gets stronger as you kill makes it a little unfair. You actually start to feel bad for the Thralls when they come up against it.

8. Hunger of Crota

Destiny Top Guns - Hunger of Crota

A new addition for The Dark Below DLC, Hunger of Crota is a devastating rocket launcher that makes quick work of any enemy groups or bosses. It also doesn’t take up an exotic slot, meaning players are free to use their favorite primary or secondary alongside it.

Most importantly, Hunger of Crota has become an essential weapon for Crota’s End players, especially those who don’t have a certain other rocket launcher. Regardless of scenario, though, chances are most players are walking around with Hunger in their arsenal.

Signature Ability: Tracking

When it comes to rocket launchers it’s all about doing maximum damage in a small area, which is where the Cluster Bombs come in plenty handy. That, combined with the tracking, makes Hunger the second best rocket launcher in the game.

7. Thunderlord

Destiny Top Guns - Thunderlord

Thunderlord is the most underrated exotic in Destiny, plain and simple. Early on, few ended up using the gun because it took up an exotic spot, but those who have tried it out will quickly become believers. With a 60-round clip, great accuracy, and high damage, Thunderlord chews through enemies and bosses like butter, and it looks cool doing it.

Some may have their weapon of choice when it comes to fighting Atheon, but we’d recommend getting out Thunderlord next time your using the middle platform bubble strategy. You’ll be surprised how quickly his health melts away.

Signature Ability: Lightning Rounds

Because the main drawback to any heavy machine gun is accuracy and stability, Thunderlord’s lightning rounds make it one of, if not the, best DPS option in Destiny. If you can lock onto a boss’ weak spot, Thunderlord should make quick work of them.

6. Black Hammer

Destiny Top Guns - Black Hammer

Black Hammer is probably the most evenly balanced, yet unique, weapon in all of Destiny. Because of its small clip and reserve ammo it’s practically useless as a basic sniper rifle choice, but combined with the White Nail perk it can become the most consistent and damaging weapon in the game. It’s all about how players use it and what scenario they are in.

There are definitely stronger sniper rifles out there, with more ammo available, but Black Hammer is extremely useful for Strikes and Raids. Try taking on the Spider Tank with it equipped and you’ll see what we mean.

Signature Ability: White Nail

As long as players can continue to hit an enemy (usually a boss) in their precision spot, Black Hammer becomes an infinite ammo, no reload-required sniper rifle. The only drawback is that if players miss a shot they have to reload and try to hit three in a row again, and when the gun only carries a small amount of reserve ammo that can be a pain. White Nail is great, but only if you can guarantee three precision hits in a row.

5. SUROS Regime

Destiny Top Guns - Suros Regime

For many Destiny players, SUROS Regime was their first go-to exotic and likely one of their first Xur purchases. No matter the scenario, SUROS Regime was perfectly accurate, plenty strong, and easy to use. It made Crucible headshots a cinch, large groups of enemies manageable, and the gun just plain sounded cool when it's firing.

Eventually, we all found better alternatives to SUROS Regime, but that shouldn’t undermine its legacy. For me, it was the stepping-stone to so many other useful weapons.

Signature Ability: SUROS Regime

The gun gets more deadly the longer you fire it at enemies AND it replenishes health? What more could you want?

4. Vision of Confluence

Destiny Top Guns - Vision of Confluence

When it comes to Legendary weapons, Vision of Confluence is the workhorse. It’s the gun that everyone keeps in their primary slot, and most have found to be perfect for any scenario. Sure, Vex Mythoclast is a stronger solar damage weapon, and SUROS has its own perks, but Vision is no slouch and it's a legendary.

Some of the new Crota’s End legendaries have come in to try to replace Vision, but it’s tough to beat a full auto scout rifle that does solar damage. That’s a deadly combination.

Signature Ability: Full Auto

The full auto ability basically turns Vision of Confluence into the strongest and most accurate auto rifle in the game. It ensures constant headshots and maximum damage, thanks to the solar damage modifier.

3. Fatebringer

Destiny Top Guns - Fatebringer

Where Vision of Confluence is the DPS fan's weapon of choice, Fatebringer is for the more precise Destiny players among us. With deadly accuracy and an arc damage modifier, Fatebringer is still one of the strongest non-exotics in the game, even though it maxes out at 300 attack. It’s also one of the hardest non-exotics to acquire, dropping only during the Templar section of the Vault of Glass raid on hard.

Those who have been lucky enough to nab Fatebringer, however, likely sing its praises, even if they aren’t fans of hand cannons. It’s a must for Arc Burn Nightfall Strikes, but plenty useful in a number of situations. The explosive rounds don’t hurt either.

Signature Ability: Firefly

Although Firefly is not unique to Fatebringer, using it in conjunction with the hand cannon’s arc damage makes it very deadly. In essence, every enemy headshot kill turns into a mini grenade blast, knocking arc energy to surrounding foes.

2. Gjallarhorn

Destiny Top Guns - Gjallarhorn

It’s the gun everyone wants, and the arguably the coolest designed weapon in all of Destiny. Gjallarhorn is a devastating rocket launcher capable of reducing groups of enemies, majors, and ultras to a pile of rubble in just a few shots. When it comes to pure power, nothing tops Gjallarhorn.

But, while Gjallarhorn may be the strongest weapon in terms of damage, its classification as a heavy weapon and ammo limitations keep it out of the top spot. Remember, we are talking about utility and strength here.

Signature Ability: Wolfpack Rounds

Some rocket launchers have the Cluster Bomb ability, but Gjallarhorn’s Wolfpack Rounds put those to shame. At impact, eight Wolfpack Rounds fly out from the rocket and seek out any nearby enemies, dealing additional damage. It’s like having a tracking rocket launcher that shoots its own tracking rockets.

1. Ice Breaker

Destiny - Ice Breaker

In terms of its utility, there’s no topping Ice Breaker. Whether it’s a raid, nightfall, or just running a few ROC strikes, the Ice Breaker is an essential tool for any Destiny player’s arsenal.

For a time, Ice Breaker was the most coveted weapon in all of Destiny, but in recent weeks Xur has helped ensure any who want it have it. Many of the previously mentioned weapons may be more powerful or more useful (in specific situations), but Ice Breaker is the Swiss army knife. No player should be without it.

Signature Ability: No Backpack

Ice Breaker is the only useful weapon that can generate its own ammo, meaning players don’t have to run around looking for green packs and they don’t have to worry when the ‘Juggler’ modifier is active. Similarly, Ice Breaker affords the freedom to sit back away from danger and pick enemies off without ever needing to leave cover. Cheesing raids and bosses has never been easier thanks to the No Backpack perk.


Some may argue with some of our choices, but in the end the list came down to evaluating a weapon’s utility for Destiny veterans. Hawkmoon is a great hand cannon, for example, but Fatebringer is more useful in Arc Burn nightfalls and it’s not that much weaker than the exotic. Corrective Measure is also a solid heavy machine gun, but it pales in comparison to Thunderlord.

The truth is everyone will have a favorite weapon, but this list encompasses the 10 guns we believe every Destiny player should have or should pursue. They will not regret it.

There you have it: Game Rant's choices for the top 10 weapons in Destiny. Which guns are your personal favorites? Are there any you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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