Best coop games of 2012

Throughout the years of the current console generation, we’ve seen more and more publishers feel the need to add in multiplayer features into games that weren’t originally designed with that in mind. Although competitive multiplayer modes seem to be a ‘must’ for most shooters, we feel that many franchises and new IPs could better benefit from letting gamers play with others as opposed to against.

One of the best aspects of old school arcade gaming and the early Nintendo/Sega consoles is the simple concept of couch co-op. Let players enjoy games together, whether that be through LAN play, splitscreen or system linking. Why spend dozens of hours exploring the lands of a fantasy world or shooting down thousands of enemy combatants, when that can be enjoyed even more with (player-controlled) allies at your side?

We love co-op games at Game Rant and so we’ve listed the 10 best co-op games of the year.

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