When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare first came on the scene, it was a breath of fresh air for first person shooters. Shedding the (at the time) cliche World War 2 era for a fictional modern setting, Modern Warfare ended up becoming one the most highly regarded shooters of all time.

But it wasn’t just the robust multiplayer that wooed people over, the well crafted single player campaign was also a huge factor. While the sequel Modern Warfare 2 did have a convoluted, and at times nonsensical, story attached to it, the narrative was still filled with high octane moments that have been ingrained in the minds’ of gamers since its release in 2009.

Here, in anticipation of the forthcomingĀ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, we count down the top five most memorable moments throughout the Modern Warfare franchise. It goes without saying that some of these story beats will constitute as SPOILERS for anyone who has yet to fight their way through the two Modern Warfare stories. As a result, it you want to remain unspoiled – advert your eyes! You have been warned, there are SPOILERS ahead.

5. Betrayed By An Ally

The Call of Duty games have never been big on character development, but after witnessing the deaths of playable character Roach and Ghost, it was hard not to feel overcome with anger with the events that followed. After the adrenaline pumping event of defending a DMS module from what seemed like endless waves of antagonist Makarov’s soldiers, TF141 (the player’s multinational task force) was betrayed by the American General Shepherd.

The scene created an overwhelming sense of tension, as players watched in first person as a recently shot Roach and Ghost were lifted up by American forces and thrown into a ditch, before being covered in gasoline and lit ablaze by Shepherd. Players could do nothing but tilt Roach’s head from left to right as they heard Captain Price’s futile pleas – warning them not to trust Shepherd.


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