Best Buy Begins Charging for PS3 Firmware Updates

Best Buy Begins Charging for PS3 Firmware Updates

I'm not sure if this is actually going to be a surprise to anyone, because it certainly isn't to me. If you haven't heard the news by now, I would like to inform you that Best Buy really must think that their customers are not that smart. Best Buy's Geek Squad has started charging customers for PS3 firmware updates.

A Best Buy store located in Staten Island, NY is currently offering a firmware-updated PS3 for $329.98. So far, it looks like only the 120 GB PS3 models are the ones that will have the option to have the firmware pre-installed. However, there is an option to purchase just the firmware update if you already have a PS3, which will run you $29.98. If you can't believe what you are reading, then check out this snapshot of the Geek Squad offer below.

For the possible few that may not know anything about how PS3 updates work, allow me to give a brief explanation. Updating your PS3 is a fairly simple and best of all, free process, that anyone can do. Yes, you read that correctly, I said F-R-E-E. Nothing wrong with free, right? Once a system firmware update has been released by Sony, there are 2 main methods of updating the system.

Geek Squad PS3 Firmware Update Offer

The first method is via the Internet, which of course you will want to have your PS3 already connected to the internet in order to use. Upon selecting the update via Internet option, the system will reveal the most recent firmware version and once you select to install it, you get the usual terms of agreement as well as details of what the new firmware contains.

The second method is to download the latest firmware update on your computer from Sony's official PS3 website and then copy that over to a USB storage device. After that, just plug in that device to one of the PS3's USB ports and you are ready to update. Using this method will of course cut time on updating your system since you will not have to download it on the system.

Anyone who has shopped at Best Buy can tell you that their associates, as well as Geek Squad employees, will try their hardest to upsell you anything, especially if you are purchasing electronics. How many of you have purchased a new computer only to have Best Buy try to convince you to purchase a service that will remove all the crapware off of the computer, when you can just do that yourself, for free? I will admit though that Best Buy will sometimes offer really good deals to gamers and it would be fair to mention that.

Do you think Best Buy could possibly go any lower, or are there any of you that don't see a problem? Either way, feel free to let us know in your comments below!

Source: Engadget

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