Best Buy Launches Pre-Black Friday PS4 Pro and 4K TV Deal


Best Buy announces a pre-Black Friday bundle for the PlayStation 4 Pro and a 55" Sony television set only a few days after the official release of the console.

The PlayStation 4 Pro finally launched last week on November 10. The console supports 4K and HDR technology, which allows supported games to look better and run more smoothly. Early reviews have noted that the console is indeed more powerful than the original PlayStation 4, but the purchase probably isn't worth it without a 4K-capable TV.

Enter Best Buy with a solution just in time for the holiday shopping season. The retailer has paired the PlayStation 4 Pro with a 55" 4K and HDR capable TV set from Sony in a new bundle deal for $999.98, resulting in $300 in total savings. The deal can be obtained through but may also be available in some stores. It's worth noting that this deal is available immediately, with no need to wait for Black Friday.


$1000 is still a lot of money, but it is a little surprising to see the PlayStation 4 Pro getting tossed into a significant bundle just a few days after its release. That said, a few smaller PS4 Pro bundles are currently available for those not looking to buy a TV set. Those willing to wait until Black Friday may also have some additional options available to them. Official ads for Gamestop and Kohl's have leaked with other deals from Sam's Club and even eBay starting to trickle in. Many of these leaked deals have confirmed upcoming savings on the PlayStation 4 Slim, the Xbox One S and a variety of games for both consoles.

Finally, we should probably note here that anyone interested in the Best Buy bundle may want to do some research on the games they intend to play on the PS4 Pro before committing to the purchase. Not every current PS4 game will look better on the new console and some games at the moment may even look worse. Digital Foundry reported last week that it detected significant frame rate problems with The Last of Us: Remastered and Skyrim: Special Edition on the PS4 Pro, with the games stuttering repeatedly even at just 1080p resolution. It's possible the games could receive a patch to fix these issues but until Sony gets all of the kinks worked out, some players may choose to wait.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is available now for $399.

Source: Gamespot

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