Bloodborne: 10 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

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Bloodborne’’s Trick Weapons are fiendishly creative, allowing players to utilize two weapons in one. With the tap of a button, any Trick Weapon can completely change, offering audiences an incredible amount of moment to moment variety that very few action games make proper use of. Naturally, not every weapon is worth using, but the most powerful ones almost always are. 

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10 Saw Cleaver

The Saw Cleaver may be one of the game’s starting weapons, but Blooodborne doesn’t really discriminate when it comes to the Cane, Hunter Axe, and Saw Cleaver. While the Saw Cleaver may not be the strongest of the bunch, it’s reliably and safely usable for the entire game, even the DLC. 

The Saw Cleaver handles crowds of enemies extremely well, something that never loses value in Bloodborne. Better yet, the Saw Cleaver’s immediate availability means that players can start upgrading their weapon right away, ensuring that their early game isn’t spent hoarding materials for the “right weapon.”

9 Beast Cutter

A common theme that most of Bloodborne’s best weapons share is their ability to properly crowd control. Unlike Dark Souls, enemies in Bloodborne often attack players in small waves and, again unlike Dark Souls, players are expected to take down all these enemies more or less in one go. 

This makes weapons like the Beast Cutter very much worth it. Better yet, when tricked, the Beast Cutter has whip-like properties that can make use of enemies placed closer to the ground. The Beast Cutter also scales with Strength, making it almost a beefier version of the Threaded Cane, one of the starting weapons. 

8 Chikage

The Chikage may gradually drain the wielder’s health, but a competent enough player can mitigate this downside entirely by making use of the Chikage’s innate abilities. As is, the Chikage is already one of the best weapons in the game, without its handicap it would almost certainly be overused. 

There are even tricks to get around the health absorption with stronger attacks. The Chikage is the kind of weapon that rewards mechanical mastery. It’s fast, strong, and its two-handed mode can even deal poison damage. Its only downside is that it’s not a proper Trick Weapon, but its move set is fun enough as is. 

7 Church Pick

From a giant sword to a war pick, the Church Pick doesn’t stand out as one of the better weapons in the game on a surface level. Its transformed variation also does shockingly little damage, a rarity for the Trick Weapons. That said, the Church Pick’s transformed state also allows the player to make use of very reliable stunlocks. 

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When properly stunlocking, the Church Pick becomes one of the best weapons in the game as far as combo potential goes. The transformed Church Pick’s amazing range also ensures that stunlocking an enemy isn’t particularly difficult. A little bit of damage tradeoff is simply the price to pay for comboing. 

6 Burial Blade

Gehrman’s personal weapon, the Burial Blade is easily one of the coolest Trick Weapons in Bloodborne. Half scythe, half sword, the Burial Blade is visually stunning if nothing else. As the weapon of the game’s penultimate boss, though, it goes without saying that using the Burial Blade does have its perks. 

For starters, a charged L2 attack has arguably the best reach in the game, encompassing pretty much everything in its path while doing incredibly good damage. The Burial Blade also makes use of a variety of attack animations, giving players plenty of variety when it comes to combat— a necessity when tackling harder Chalice Dungeons or the DLC. 

5 Kos Parasite

The Kos Parasite is too slow for its own good and doesn’t really shine when it comes to range, but these flaws are necessary so not to make the Kos Parasite too overwhelming. In terms of damage, the Kos Parasite may not hit as hard as it could, but it has amazing stagger potential. With the right tactics, it’s possible to comfortably chip enemies to death. 

This is really to say nothing of the fact that the Kos Parasite is just a fun weapon to use. Slow it may be, but it has a great move set and has a super creative design. There’s nothing else quite like it in Bloodborne which is what gives it so much value as a weapon. 

4 Rakuyo

The Rakuyo is, in many respects, a better version of the Chikage. It removes the Chikage’s personal limitations and uses a similar move set to the weapon. That said, it isn’t entirely identical to the Chikage and the Rakuyo actually has its own set of strengths and weaknesses to balance things out. 

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The Rakuyo is technically a dual wielded weapon, changing up the control scheme on the player. At the same time, mastering this control scheme leads to Rakuyo turning into a beast of a weapon. Of course, this style of play isn’t really compatible with other weapons so it’s not a skill that’ll be useful for other weapons. 

3 Holy Moonlight Sword

The Holy Moonlight Sword is basically a Dark Souls weapon slapped into Bloodborne. Theoretically, it shouldn’t work. The Wooden Shield is very much the same concept, but From knew that fans needed a recognizable sword for The Old Hunters DLC. The end result is the coolest version of the series signature weapon: the Holy Moonlight Sword. 

It’s fast, hits hard, has an incredibly fun move set, and fundamentally changes how Bloodborne’s gameplay loop feels. The Holy Moonlight Sword is also a great weapon for mixed Arcane builds. The Holy Moonlight Sword scales evenly with Strength and Dexterity so it’s a good weapon for any Melee/Arcane hybrid. 

2 Hunter Axe

The Hunter’s Axe might be a starting weapon, but it’s not only the best weapon of the bunch, it’s one of the best weapons in the entire game. Perfect availability, great scaling, amazing range, useful both Tricked or otherwise, and one of the more powerful weapons in the game in terms of pure damage, there’s no reason not to use the Hunter Axe. 

It fills a lot of roles as a weapon without falling into one clear archetype. It can be a great one-on-one weapon, it can crowd control easily, it’s insanely useful for pretty much every boss fight, and players will never feel like they’re doing chip damage. It may not be the game’s best weapon, but it’s close. 

1 Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Of course, everything the Hunter Axe does, Ludwig’s Holy Blade outdoes arguably better. It doesn’t have the same range as the Hunter Axe at its best, but Ludwig’s Holy Blade is fast. It can tear enemies apart with no real effort. Its move set is also super reliable, chaining into a hard to avoid combo. 

While its availability certainly isn’t as good as the starting weapons, Ludwig’s Holy Blade can be obtained alarmingly early if players know what they’re doing. Once obtaining the sword, there’s no real reason to unequip it. Ludwig’s Holy Blade can and will carry players through the entire game and beyond.

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