The Best Black Friday Video Game Deals at Newegg

Black Friday is officially happening in just a few short days, which means tons of gaming deals from video games to consoles. Yesterday, most of Walmart's Black Friday deals already went live and the retailer offered amazing discounts on console bundles, gaming accessories, and select video games.

Now, it appears that online retailer Newegg is also offering Black Friday deals a little bit earlier this year. The majority of Newegg's sale is focused on gaming hardware, most notably Xbox One console bundles. Newegg's console offerings are at par with most retailers in terms of price and have a wide assortment of Xbox One bundles that include games such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Gears 5, NBA 2K20, and more.

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Console Deals:

Video Game Deals:

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Apart from console bundles, Newegg is also offering massive discounts on select video games. Although the retailer is offering a couple of PS4 games, the majority of its Black Friday selection is focused on digital codes for both the Xbox One and Windows PC. Unfortunately, the retailer has no Black Friday deals for the Nintendo Switch as of this writing.

Game Subscriptions:

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Lastly, Newegg is offering massive discounts for a 3-month subscription for both the Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. The retailer is offering the Xbox Live for $14.99 and the Xbox Game Pass for $26.99 for Black Friday. However, players can get even more savings by typing in the promo codes below upon check out.

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