The 10 Best Baby Pokémon, Ranked

Baby Pokémon are probably the most useless thing ever introduced into the entire Pokémon franchise. Well... besides the entirety of the Let's Go! games. They serve no purpose except to be weaker pre-evolutions of currently existing Pokémon. But hey... they're cute. Introduced in Johto, we've received new additions here and there for a grand total of 18 as of the time of this writing. Today we'll be taking a look at the top ten Baby Pokémon. Let's jump into this list at number ten.

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10 Tyrogue

Tyrogue is one of the more interesting Pokémon on the list, as he as the option to evolve into three different evolutions of its choice. Wow, a little Eevee in the making. When it hits level 20, it can evolve into Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmonupsidedown based upon its attack and defense stats. Due to the fact that its evolutions all can't usually be found through normal gameplay, this makes Tyrogue a baby Pokémon that's actually relevant to have. The rest of this list wishes they could be that important.

9 Azurill

You know how much of a personal brand it is to just be straight-up crying in your official artwork? Well, Azurill certainly seems to know, because it's just kind of sobbing. What happened? You seem to have such a great life, what could have caused this? Azurill spends all of its time bouncing on its own big, round tail. The Pokémon is absolutely adorable, and evolves into Pikablu once it reaches full happiness. Would you look at that, the crying stops when it reaches full happiness. Good lord that's adorable.

8 Riolu

Riolu is the baby pre-evolution to Lucario, you know, the one that Game Freak is literally obsessed with. Riolu is another one of the babies that actually needs to be caught, as Lucario is only avalible in X and Y through a gift. Riolu has appeared in the anime a few times, notably under the control on Cameron. Somehow both he and idiot Ash thought that it would be acceptable to bring unevolved Pokémon to the most important conference in all of Unova (Ash is literally out here bringing Snivy to the Pokémon Leauge what). It evolved mid-battle and managed to clinch the win for Cameron. Riolu is a cute and strong baby Pokémon, earning him a spot on the list.

7 Wynaut

You remember Wobbuffet, that weird Pokémon that's untiered yet also somehow has a niche in Ubers? Well, he has a son and his name is Wynaut. Wynaut talk about him for a bit (ba dum tss)? Wynaut features the same vibe as Wobbuffet, featuring the same black tail (that is likely the actual Pokémon that's in control) and body style. Wynaut is very cute, and features arms on its ears because... WYNAUT? The baby Pokémon is also consistently featured in the anime, so, it certainly should have a place on this list. Wynaut, right?

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6 Mime Jr.

Ash's father Mr. Mine has a second son that his wife does not know about, Mime Jr.! The pre-evolution to Mime Sr., Mime Jr. evolves when it knows the move mimic. While Mime Jr. is adorable in its own right, this Pokédex entry describes why this aspiring mime is just so perfect, "When this gifted mimic surprises an opponent, Mime Jr. feels so happy that it ends up forgetting it was imitating something." ADORABLE. Mime Jr. you have our hearts fully.

5 Munchlax

Received as the public's first... taste (ha) of Generation Four, we have the baby form of Snorlax, Munchlax! This little guy isn't as monstrous as its evolution, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't love to eat. It eats a modest helping of its body weight per day, sometimes hiding food in its fur, ya know, just in case? This Pokémon can be evolved into an absolute unit of a Pokémon when leveled up with high friendship.

4 Pichu

While we still get some sort of a Pikachu clone every generation, Johto's electric mouse representative was actually a pre-evolution of the series mascot, and its name is Pichu! This tiny Pokémon retains all of Pikachu's features, just in a smaller and cuter form. While it is an incredibly weak Pokémon (it is a baby after all), it can take out the likes of legendary heroes such as Marth and trained fighters like Little Mac out with ease in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Yup, you heard that right, this baby is top tier! With other important examples of Pichu such as the Pichu brothers and Spikey-eared Pichu, this Pokémon has cemented its place in our hearts and fourth place on this list.

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3 Igglybuff

While its evolution is nowhere near the tier relevance of Pichu, Jigglypuff can still tear it up with the best of 'em. As such, why shouldn't the singing ball monster get a baby form? Igglybuff is a lot like its evolution in the fact that it loves to sing at all times, but also has the unique distinction of literally never being able to stop bouncing if it ever starts. Do not use your Igglybuff as a basketball dire consequences will ensue absolutely do not.

2 Bonsly

One of the cutest baby Pokémon out there, we have the pre-evolution of Sudowoodo, Bonsly. The aptly named Pokémon is based on a potted Bonsai Tree, and must be taken great care of in order to evolve. One fun factoid about the Pokémon is that it leaks water from its eyes to adjust its moisture levels. So basically, it's always crying. Even more adorable than it already was.

1 Togepi

Come on, Togepi is the original baby Pokémon, did you think there would be a chance it wouldn't be #1? This Pokémon eventually evolves into Togekiss, but this Pokémon is so cute that you wouldn't want to evolve it in the first place! Famously owned by Misty in the anime, this Pokémon is a fan-favorite. Togepi is a frequent Metronome user, and would use this move often to get the gang out of trouble, even if they didn't quite know it was him using the move. A staple of the anime that is just too cute for words, Togepi tops this list with ease.

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