BenQ EW3270U 4K Monitor Review

BenQ EW3270U Monitor Review

In the EW3270U, BenQ has promised an entertainment monitor capable of both gaming and office use. It's a great idea in theory, and thankfully it's one that the EW3270U absolutely delivers on in practice. The 4K resolution monitor delivers its content across 31.5 inches of screen-based real estate, which some argue is the minimum for a 4K resolution display - though we found the size to be quite reasonable for both gaming and office work. While it comes at a higher price point than the more-abundant 27" 4K monitors on the market, we found that the EW3270U was the perfect size for non-scaled versatility between both gaming and work.

We tested the EW3270U through a variety of different use case scenarios, from the spreadsheet-heavy interface of Football Manager 2018 to exploring the cult-devastated farmlands of Montana in Far Cry 5. The 4K monitor did a great job of bringing the intricate landscapes to life, running in to no display or refresh problems through a multitude of games. AMD GPU users will be happy to hear that the EW3270U comes with FreeSync functionality to help with tears and stutters, while gamers across all GPUs can take advantage of the HDR feature to help enhance their gaming experience. With a 60Hz refresh rate and an impressive 4 millisecond response time, gamers will have more crisp screen space running smoothly than they know what to do with - and this is a very good thing.

In terms of office work, BenQ has implemented several features to help those handling a multitude of tasks. We found the monitor did a great job of bringing up crisp text with high contrast, and when multiple windows of text came into play, the monitor still did a great job of keeping a multitude of word documents, PDFs, and text-based websites crisp and sharp. Some users may find the displayed text is too small in the native resolution of 3840x2160, though downsizing to the next few resolutions requires scaling, which can bring a performance hit on computers that don't have the firepower to handle the additional task. Fortunately, 1920x1080 doesn't require scaling and is an optimal solution for users who want larger text - the display remains crisp, provides plenty of contrast, and makes things a bit bigger and easier on the eyes.

BenQ EW3270U Monitor

BenQ has hidden the monitor control buttons on the underside of the monitor, a standard technique to give the frame a modern aesthetic. The only button not on the underside of the 32" monitor is the toggle for high dynamic range and Brightness Intelligence Plus, an automated feature that allows the monitor to adjust to different lighting environments so users don't find themselves blinded by a harsh light, or conversely wishing the screen wasn't so dim. We kept both features on for the majority of our review, and found that the Brightness Intelligence did a great job setting a proper white tone on the screen, removing the need for commonplace third party applications like Flux. This removes a lot of strain from the eyes, which is a must-have feature when working with a monitor of this size. As an added bonus, the monitor comes with a Smart Focus feature which grays out unselected windows to prevent distractions from occurring.

Given the aforementioned sheer size of the EW3270U, the stand plays an important role in ensuring the upper-scale monitor stays where it should. We found that while the stand didn't provide any options in terms of cable management or height adjustment, the frame did allow for easy tilt adjustment and had zero problems keeping the monitor frame stable. The stand is quite sleek, so gamers and office workers looking for something with a modern and sleek build to put on their desk should be satisfied with the monitor's presentation. The monitor also has dual two-watt built-in speakers, though we found they didn't provide much depth - in most cases, the EW3270U speakers should only be used if nothing else is available.

BenQ EW3270U Monitor Ports

BenQ promises 1.07 billion colors with the EW3270U, and after extensive use we've walked away impressed with the satisfying range it provides. The screen is a VA type LCD, which means its strength lies in contrast levels and refresh rates. After using the monitor to edit the results of several photoshoots in between bouts of carnage in Far Cry 5, we found that BenQ played to both these VA strengths very well: the 60Hz refresh rate kept everything looking smooth, and the contrast levels (spec'd at a dynamic contrast ratio of 20 million to 1) allowed for a truly breathtaking level of color balance and brought out minute details in colors that may have otherwise been missed entirely on other monitors. For a VA type monitor, we also felt that the edge of the monitors - where colors start to wilt and fade - were still very strong.

Ultimately, the BenQ EW3270U 4K Monitor delivers a premium experience that comes in at an equally premium price. The versatile monitor has exceeded expectations for both gaming and office work, with its strengths lying in the absolute robustness of its color range, the sharpness of the display itself, and the satisfying refresh rate that really helps bring games to life on computer's powerful enough to keep up in higher resolution. We found the automated Brightness Intelligence Plus feature to be pleasant surprise, ensuring that a monitor of this size remains stress-free for the eyes of viewers. It's a great product, but users will be paying a premium for the quality that BenQ has placed in the EW3270U.

The BenQ EW3270U 4K Monitor is available for pre-order here. Game Rant was provided with a sample for this review.

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