Bejeweled Blitz is utterly brilliant — there’s no doubt about that. A simple ‘Match-3’ style game complete with slick visuals, entertaining power-ups and the best integration of a leaderboard system that I have ever seen, Blitz rises high above the competition in the “Which game has Phillipe spent most of his time playing?” league. In fact, having just done the math, I can admit to having spent just over 24 hours on that game; a game which should, theoretically, be over after 60 seconds. Whether or not I’m proud of that fact has yet to be decided, however.

Until now, PC Bejeweled Blitz players have been confined to playing the game through Facebook, with the only other alternative being an iPhone version. For those of you that aren’t quite ready to face the beast that is Social Networking, PopCap Games have finally released a downloadable demo version of the hit casual game.

“My goodness!” I hear you cry, “That sounds fantastic! It means I can play Bejeweled Blitz even if my internet is down and/or I can’t remember the URL for Facebook – brilliant! Hey, wait a minute… This all seems too good to be true. What’s the downside?” Well, I’m glad you asked me that, dear reader.

This is where PopCap’s frustrating business-side kicks in. Sure, they make fantastic casual titles, but usually their pricing is a little ridiculous. The downloadable Bejeweled Blitz is no different. If you wish to buy the title, it’ll set you back a hefty $20 – why not simply play the game for free on Facebook?

Or, if you’re still unsure (maybe $20 doesn’t seem like a lot for you), then there is a demo for your playing pleasure available over at the PopCap website, which allows you to play the full game for 60 minutes before locking down and asking you to spend your money.

For any/all gamers, I highly recommend you at least download the Bejeweled Blitz PC demo, and enjoy yourselves!