The Behemoth Reveals PAX Surprise & Price for Castle Crashers on PS3

Castle Crashers PS3

This past week The Behemoth, developers of Alien Hominid and the recently announced BattleBlock Theater, hinted at the price for the PSN version of their wildly popular XBLA game Castle Crashers. The Mayor of Behemothtown, Kelly Revak, stated on their developers blog "the price will be as close as we can get it to $15. Maybe $14.99. Maybe $15.01. Somewhere right around there."

This might come as good news to some, as it indicates the Behemoth is close to releasing the game on the PlayStation Network. After talking with some friends about the disappointment we felt when realizing Scott Pilgrim vs the World will be lacking online co-op, the conversation quickly turned to Castle Crashers and its inevitable release to quench our thirsts for online cooperative melee combat.

I'm sure many are pleased the PS3 version of Castle Crashers is nearing completion, but I sense people may feel the $15 price is too high for the year old title. Let me remind you that a few months ago we reported two new features exclusive to the PS3 version, the Volleyball mini-game and the Team Arena; Both allowing you and a buddy to team up and battle to the death against unstoppable odds, sans the skimpy bathing suits. Yes I know, I'm disappointed to. I'm sure the Behemoth is hoping these new additions will add to the value of a game which was already amazing in it's original iteration.

The Behemoth also had some awesome news for people attending PAX Prime this September. Not only will you be able to see the latest build of BattleBlock Theater, but at Booth #3102 gamers will get to bask in the glory of a one of a kind 4-player Castle Crashers arcade cabinet. Kelly basically took the words right out of my mouth, " Say what? Did we just say arcade cabinet? Wait a second am I talking to myself? What is going on?" I am a huge fan of beat'em ups, and this immediately conjured memories of The Simpsons Arcade Game, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and every other beat'em up ever to grace an arcade stick. It made me jealous I won't be able to attend PAX Prime this year. Here's wishing for a PAX East appearance.

Castle Crashers is available now on XBLA and no release date was given for the PSN release. Ranters, are you as excited as I am for Castle Crashers on PSN? Will you be attending PAX this September so see this arcade cab in person?

Source: The Behemoth Developers Blog

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