With The Division’s first Incursion now available to gamers, Game Rant provides players with a handy guide on how to beat the already-notorious Falcon Lost.

Since its release last month, Ubisoft’s MMO shooter The Division has drawn in a huge number of gamers with the promise of exciting combat in the shell of an infection-ridden Midtown Manhattan. Although the game launched with a fairly impressive amount of content, plenty of players have been waiting for one specific feature to arrive. Now that April’s 1.1 update is now available, gamers can now make use of the game’s first Incursion.

Dubbed Falcon Lost, The Division players will no doubt be familiar with the Incursion already. After all, Ubisoft has released an extensive preview trailer, showcasing exactly what gamers might expect from the Incursion. However, with the feature now available, some may feel a little overwhelmed with what’s on offer. Thankfully, this guide will hopefully provide any players with a run-through of exactly what is needed.

After all, The Division’s players have already been warned that Falcon Lost is tough. Even the developers themselves have found it a struggle to beat, with the game’s lead designer admitting last week that no-one had managed to beat it by that point. Because of this, it’s recommended that users don’t go in to Falcon Lost expecting for it to be a cakewalk with weak gear, and a gear score of at least 140 is recommended.

The Division Falcon Lost

Equally, the player’s build could also be a factor in success in this debut Incursion. Falcon Lost is primarily made up of a fairly large arena, meaning that users may want to avoid skills focusing on close-range combat. Falcon Lost revolves around defeating waves of enemies, and with 15 rounds to get through, it’s definitely worth bringing along some allies with medical skills – dying is pretty likely, so being able to quickly revive squad members is a massive bonus.

When it comes to the gameplay itself, however, it pays to be smart. Although the end goal is to destroy the enemy APC, it’s not just the occasional barrage that players need to dodge; in fact, there are plenty of other enemies to take out. Avoid the large open areas of the map, and rather than keeping a squad constantly moving, it’s much better to find a solid vantage point to tactically take out the waves. heading upstairs is a good bet, with the upper right canopy offering up a strong, defendable position.

The Division Incursions Gear Set Bonuses

The APC itself cannot be defeated with the player’s conventional weapons. Instead, the team needs to pick up explosives dropped by certain NPCs among enemy waves. These then need to be planted on the APC itself to deal damage – but watch out for turrets and drones. The turrets either side of the APC will need to be turned off, with switches on the walls in the small rooms both sides of the APC itself. Make sure to provide supporting fire for whoever is taking the explosives to the drop, too, and when the explosive has been planted, head back in to cover very quickly, as the APC will start launching deadly explosive rounds.

As previously mentioned, the explosives will not drop in each and every wave of enemies. Instead, the explosives will start dropping in wave 4, with more explosives coming in wave 8, wave 11, and wave 15. Keep an eye out for amber lights above doorways – these will help players predict where the next way will come from. Given that there are a full 15 waves to defeat, keeping an eye on ammunition is also key. There are drops available down below the ramp, but since this may prove to be a dangerous move, it might be worth taking the ammo cache support modification skill.

The final round is certainly the most dangerous of the lot, as enemies will keep spawning until the explosive has been planted. However, once the final explosive has been set, the APC will be destroyed. Then, all that’s left is for the players to pick up the sweet, sweet gear that will drop with this Incursion.

And that’s it. This guide will hopefully have proved useful for those looking for a helping hand in just how to beat Falcon Lost. Be warned, though: this Incursion is certainly a challenge. Then again, it’s surely a better alternative to those who lost their agents through a bug in the 1.1 patch.

The Division is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.