Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya is providing self-described low-key commentary for his Platinum Games title over at the publisher’s official site. In part 8, as he works his way through Chapter 2 of Bayonetta, he reveals that he fantasizes about making a Bayonetta spinoff starring Jeanne as a heroine.

Players who unlocked the special features in Bayonetta likely know about Cutie J. According to Kamiya, Cutie J is Jeanne as a heroine. But that is not the only Bayonetta-spinoff idea floating around Kamiya’s head. He also toys around with theĀ idea of revisiting the period prior to the war between the Sages and the Witches, with a younger Balder.

Bayonetta was pretty solid game that despite some initial hype did not get the attention it really deserved when it launched. Fans of the Devil May Cry series still owe it to themselves to check out the game if they haven’t already. While Kamiya has previously said he would not see anything wrong with a Bayonetta 2, he was already laying the groundwork for a potential spinoff game back in January 2010.

The world and universe created in Bayonetta certainly lend themselves to some fun possible spinoffs. It seems a little interesting, however, and perhaps more risky to follow up what was an original IP with a spinoff game versus a direct sequel. A direct sequel would automatically register with gamers that loved or were exposed to the original. A spinoff would require gamers to make the leap to the new game/franchise. Perhaps the spinoff game could be called something like Bayonetta 2: Cutie J. Just something that would help connect the games in the minds of gamers.

It is nice though to see creators wanting to get more creative within the game universe they have created. Sure, direct sequels might be a little safer from the business side of things, but that does not mean they always end up as better games. It would be better for Kamiya to work on the game that interests him the most and that he is most passionate about, rather than make a Bayonetta 2 because that is what the money-men at some company told him to make.

What is your take? Would like to see a Bayonetta spinoff or would you rather see a direct sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Platinum Games Blog