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When the word Bayonetta and sequel are used in the same sentence I expect that gamers who have played the game will have two reactions. The first would be an exclamation saying, “I loved the fighting mechanics I can’t wait to revisit them.” The other reaction would be something along the lines of, “Oh my God my brain can’t take anymore!” Well prepare to face those inner monologues folks because it looks like you may be getting your wish.

Today Bayonetta’s director Yusuke Hashimoto posted on his Twitter account what may be hint about a Bayonetta sequel.

“Good Morning. It looks like we’ll be able to share new information related to Bayonetta this week. Look forward to it.”

Platinum Games, the developer of Madworld, one of the few (and actually good) M-rated games for the Wii, is known for delivering one inventive game after the other. It seems strange that they would want to break their cycle of surprisingly fresh games by giving us something they have done before. Currently on Platinum’s slate is the Sci-fi shooter Vanquish set for release October 19th.

Bayonetta, in my opinion, was a fresh entry in a tried and true genre much like Red Dead Redemption was for the GTA formula. The game wasn’t too challenging and had plenty of the tropes you would expect from a Japanese combo-based fighting game; Everything from ridiculously giant bosses to overtly sexual close-ups of rear ends. After finishing Bayonetta, the last thing that crossed my mind was whether or not we would be seeing a sequel. Sure the dodge mechanic and fighting style create some compelling gameplay but the story seemed so out of this world it was hard to follow. The game feels like it is meant for those gamers looking for visceral entertainment not for a solid story.

Though this doesn’t completely spell out sequel, Hashimoto has expressed interest in delving deeper into the world of Bayonetta but not necessarily creating a game that regurgitates the formula of the original. We’ll keep you posted once Hashimoto makes his announcement.

Source: Andria Sang

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