It’s been three years since Bayonetta 2 launched on the Wii U to overwhelmingly positive reviews, and fans of the franchise have been waiting patiently for a sequel to be announced. While Bayonetta 3 still has yet to be officially announced, Hideki Kayima of Platinum Games has recently teased the game’s existence on Twitter.

Responding to a fan question about Bayonetta lore, Kamiya simply said, “Wait till Bayo3.” While this is far from an official announcement, it would be odd for Kamiya to say this to a fan if Bayonetta 3 wasn’t already in the works in some capacity. Furthermore, this isn’t even the first time Platinum has mentioned the hypothetical game.

A few months ago, Atsushi Inaba of Platinum Games revealed that discussions about the sequel were taking place at the studio, and teased that the game could have a new protagonist. Well before that, Kamiya himself suggested that Bayonetta will have a new haircut if Bayonetta 3 is ever produced, which shows that Platinum Games is at least thinking about the game, even if it isn’t actively in development at this time.

If Bayonetta 3 does exist, it remains to be seen how it will see the light of day. As some may recall, Nintendo took on the publishing duties for the second game, securing Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive. It’s possible that Nintendo will work out a similar publishing deal to make Bayonetta 3 exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, though it could also come to other platforms if Sega ends up publishing it instead.

Nintendo seems rather fond of the Bayonetta character, not only serving as publisher for Bayonetta 2, but also bringing the titular witch to Super Smash Bros. as a playable fighter. Considering this, one has to imagine the Big N will do whatever it can to keep the franchise on Nintendo platforms and away from competing consoles.

Before fans can expect more definitive answers on Bayonetta 3‘s platforms, the game will need to be officially announced. With Tokyo Game Show right around the corner and Hideki Kamiya already teasing the game on Twitter, perhaps a Bayonetta 3 announcement will come even sooner than expected.

Bayonetta 3 may be in development for unspecified platforms.