New Bayonetta Title To Be Announced

If there’s one thing Hideki Kamiya is known for, it’s absolutely crazy action games. After all, he pretty much started the sub-genre with the creation of the Devil May Cry series – which is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Last year, we received his new over-the-top action title called Bayonetta (read our review¬†here), developed by Platinum Games and distributed by Sega.

Now, it appears as though the series will be getting another installment, set to be announced very soon.

It’s currently unknown when exactly the new game will be announced, but it’s expected to be soon, with the most popular theory being that it will appear at the upcoming¬†Tokyo Game Show. It’s also currently unknown whether the new game will be a direct sequel to Bayonetta, or a spinoff featuring a different character.

What was confirmed, however, was that the animation studio Marza Animation Planet would be working on an animated component to coincide with the game, though when it will be finished is unknown. It’s also unclear as to whether this will just be an animated short to promote the new game, a la Night of the Werehog, or a full-blown animated feature. Perhaps a Bayonetta anime would be a possibility, much like how Devil May Cry got one?

Though a direct sequel wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, Hideki Kamiya has mentioned in the past that he wanted to do a spinoff of the game, featuring the character Jeanne. That said, Bayonetta is still a new IP, so making a game that focuses on an entirely different character may not be a wise decision, and could lead to a backlash much like the reactions to Metal Gear Solid 2 and the introduction of Raiden.

Whatever the case, there’s no real way of telling just what a new game could contain. Kamiya’s titles tend to focus more on gameplay than on the plot, and as such, the plots tend to be a little all over the place. So the new title could just have Bayonetta doing the exact same things she was doing in the original title, and it would probably still sell very well.

Do you think the new title will be a direct sequel or a spinoff? What exactly is Marza Animation Planet working on?

Source: TSSZ