Strap on your high-heeled gun boots (we have ours on right now), word on the street is that details on Bayonetta 2 will be released next week in Japanese gaming magazines – or at least that’s what Bayonetta and Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya would have fans believe.

Yesterday, a source close to SPOnG told the site that SEGA was positively planning a sequel to the hair-raising action game, Bayonetta, but things have gone awry since the company started restructuring. Kamiya has been pretty tight-lipped about the project, deflecting questions, like those asked on Twitter, to SEGA directly. Either he wore down or simply wanted to give fans something to look forward to, but in a recent Tweet he asked a particular fan to wait until “Next week’s gaming magazines…”

Our Japanese is rusty so we’ll take SPOnG’s word on this. Not much has been heard from Bayonetta since last September when it was rumored that the sequel would be announced as early as the next Toyko Game Show, but since that train has already sailed the next best thing were some Bayonetta costumes for Soul Calibur VIf the news is accurate, then Japanese magazine racks should be exploding with witching details as early as next week.

One short disclaimer to this story however, is that Mr. Hideki Kamiya is prone to gags and hilariously pranking his fans, especially through Twitter. In fact, his last joke was about Bayonetta 2 almost eight months ago – information that does not make a good case for the validity of his Tweet tip.

So, is it true? Will we hear about the next Bayonetta soon? Was it all just a super lame joke? Believe what you might for now, fans will just have to see what happens next week.

Stay tuned to Game Rant as this Bayonetta 2 develops.

Source: SPOnG