When Bayonetta was released for PS3 and Xbox 360 way back in 2009, the original IP’s brand of stylish and outrageous play, all helmed by a badass witch who could use her hair both as a clothing option and as a weapon and use the guns in her shoes to blast holes in her enemies, garnered mostly positive reviews. As a result of the positivity surrounding the game, sales for the first game in the series were high with Bayonetta being considered as developer Platinum Games’ first big hit.

The first game that Platinum Games developed, a Wii exclusive beat-em-up called MadWorld, was also received well by critics (despite the controversy surrounding its violent subject matter) so with that game and Bayonetta under its belt, it was clear that Sega should give the studio the keys to building the sequel. At least, that’s what you would think, but in the face of difficult PS3 porting (Platinum Games’ Atsushi Inaba called Bayonetta on PS3 the studio’s “biggest failure”) and Sega’s heavy financial losses, Bayonetta 2 was reportedly cancelled with all of Platinum Games’ work on the next game in the series seemingly having been for nothing.

However, Nintendo snapped up the publishing rights and tapped them to make Bayonetta 2 a Wii U exclusive, likely in the hopes that enlisting a popular game with a cult following  would prop up sales of the ailing console. That move led Inaba to say that “Would Bayonetta 2 not exist without Nintendo? The answer is yes.” but despite his obvious joy at work on the game being able to continue, the fact that players who hadn’t played the game on a Nintendo console (Bayonetta was never released on Wii or Wii U) wouldn’t be able to play the sequel without shelling out for a new console left bitter tastes in people’s mouths.

Bayonetta 2 Guns

Similarly, those who had only played Nintendo consoles and had therefore never been exposed to the third person mayhem that the first Bayonetta provided meaning that although they are the very audience whom Bayonetta 2 would be marketed to, they would know significantly less about the series as a whole. Unfortunately Platinum Games could only ever really sweeten the deal for one of these groups of players and now they have revealed that in buying Bayonetta 2 for Wii U, you’ll get the original Bayonetta game chucked in for free.

Bayonetta 2 players won’t just get two lots of dramatic, witchy action either as the Nintendo deal brings with it a plethora of new costumes for everyone’s favourite supernatural murderess. While the full list has yet to be announced, several costumes such as Link’s green outfit and cap, a Princess Peach-esque costume and Samus’ armour from the Metroid games have all been glimpsed.

Furthermore, it’s not apparent as to whether or not the porting of the original Bayonetta game to the Wii U will bring with it Wii U Gamepad support although Platinum Games is said to be “putting extra thought into how to use these differentiating features” on Bayonetta 2 so perhaps the entire series could get the touch controlled treatment when it launches later this year.

Bayonetta 2 will be released in October as a Wii U exclusive.

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