Battletoads Returning in 2019 With New Game

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A few years ago, Phil Spencer teased a new Battletoads game when he appeared on stage wearing a shirt with the franchise's logo. Years later, a new game in the series has finally been announced, as Battletoads is coming to the Xbox One at some point in 2019.

Microsoft made the announcement at its E3 2018 press conference, with a short teaser trailer was shown that featured a rundown of all the features players can expect from the new Battletoads. Like the original games, the new Battletoads will have a focus on couch co-op, with up to three players able to play through the game together. The game will also represent multiple genres, though what those genres are remain to be seen.

Check out the new Battletoads teaser trailer right here:

Something else noted by the Battletoads E3 2018 trailer is that the game will have 4K hand drawn 2.5D graphics. This gives players a better idea of what the new Battletoads will look like, and it confirms that it will be similar in style to the original games. However, the trailer shown at E3 2018 didn't actually show the game in action.

It's also unclear which studio is developing Battletoads. We didn't see any logos in the trailer, so it could be any number of studios behind the game. However, it's possible that music composer David Wise is returning for the new project. After all, there was a rumor last month that he was indeed working on a new Battletoads after he updated his web page to reference the unannounced project.

Whether or not David Wise is actually involved with the game remains to be seen, however. If Battletoads meets its 2019 release window, more information on it should come within the next year or so, and it will be interesting to actually see the game in action.

Battletoads will launch in 2019 for PC and Xbox One.

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