Battlegrounds Team Wins After Staying in Upside Down Car Half the Game

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Car Flip

It's safe to say that in any Battle Royal-inspired game, chaos is the default state. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is no different, with players lobbing grenades, sneaking around in gillie suits, and lurking out of swamps like low budget Aquamen. The game pits up to 100 people into combat over a moderately-sized battleground filled with plenty of weapons, at which point Battlegrounds lets nature take its course. During a recent livestream, a player named Sir Lance and one of his friends won a match with a rather unusual strategy: they stayed in an upside down car for the majority of the match.

As one might expect, this unorthodox strategy wasn't something Sir Lance had planned. He and his friend - who were teamed up in a duos match - stumbled onto a car and were planning on using it to simply either outpace their enemies or find a good defensive location. As they drove over a field, Sir Lance hit an incline and the car proceeded to do a back flip, landing on its hood and sliding into its final resting place. As helpless as Sir Lance and his friend were in the upside down car, they decided to play things out from their new perspective. Somehow, it led them to victory.

Sir Lance and his friend stayed in that upturned car for almost half an hour, taking occasional pot-shots at passerby who evidently had no idea where the bullets were coming from. The other players merely assumed the whoever had crashed the car had presumably left the scene, and that was their fatal mistake: Sir Lance wasn't leaving his comfy leather seats behind until he absolutely had to.

As the game progressed and the number of remaining survivors dwindled down, Sir Lance and his co-pilot compatriot finally absconded from the car, eliminating the rest of the competition with ease. As they progressed through the last few enemies, Sir Lance commented, "No way we won from sitting in a car upside-down for half the game!", which is a sentiment that was surely shared by those he had eliminated.

While it seems in almost any other game the duo would have been blasted from afar, their victory is proof that sometimes the stars really do align and allow for some unexpected victories. Of course, now players are much more likely to stay alert near crashed automobiles, so copycat players should proceed with caution in order to come out on top in Battlegrounds' survival of the fittest matches.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is currently available via Steam Early Access on PC.

Source: YouTube

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