During a revenue call, EA reveals the real reason why no post-launch maps or characters from The Force Awakens will be making it into the current Star Wars Battlefront.

Since the game launched last November, fans have been patiently waiting for news regarding new content arriving for Star Wars Battlefront after the free Jakku map arrived in December. Thanks to new details from EA, information in the upcoming content of the season pass along with free updates has finally been revealed. Still, many fans continue to wonder if any references or content from Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be added as downloadable content at some point in the future. While EA has stated that there wouldn’t be any more Episode 7 DLC coming, thanks to a recent earnings call, fans have finally been clued in as to exactly why that is the case.

During a revenue call with media and investors, EA chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, admitted that as part of the licensing agreement made with Disney and LucasArts, the company had to be very careful as to not violate any Star Wars canon by placing Force Awakens characters into the current Battlefront. The main reason is that Star Wars Battlefront takes place during the time periods of episodes 4, 5, and 6, while the new movie jumps ahead 30 years. This is also the reason why Clone Wars era maps and characters do not make an appearance in this game either.

Star Wars Battlefront Slave 1

Fans hoping to see content from the upcoming Rogue One series, may have a tiny bit of hope, though EA has not been made aware of the timeline for that movie, so it’s entirely possible that they won’t be able to add assets to Battlefront either.

“We’re trying to stay tightly connected to the Star Wars beat for future movies and we’ll obviously in future Star Wars games be able to tap the new characters and vehicles and so forth. But in our current game and for that manner the DLC associated with that current game obviously we’ll have to be careful that we don’t violate the cannon.”

While fans won’t be seeing characters like Kylo Ren, Rey, Poe Dameron, or Finn in the current iteration of Star Wars Battlefront, EA does have plans to continue the lucrative franchise in the future which makes it entirely probable that players will be seeing newer content from the current trilogy in a Battlefront game eventually. Don’t forget that Visceral Games continues to work on a yet to be named and secret Star Wars game headed up by Amy Hennig, which could be set during the newer time period as well.

To help keep fans excited about the already released Star Wars Battlefront, full season pass details were revealed earlier this week and promise to let players explore some new places of the original trilogy including Cloud City on Bespin, the Death Star, and Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine. The expansions are planned for release every few months with the unnamed final one launching sometime about a year from now.

How do you feel about the news? Would you like to see Episode 7 characters fighting alongside classic characters or would you rather these timelines remain separated?

Star Wars Battlefront is available now for XBox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: EA